Help Me Bring “Faces of ALI” to the Masses! Again :)

I am trying to either get an agent or publisher to take on the Faces of Adoption/Loss/Infertility project. I’d like to package these essays into one book. It would be a wonderful way to educate the outside world, as well as friends and families, about how difficult the experiences we go through are.

But I need your help as I make my approaches.

There has been a great response so far to the “Faces of ALI” profile of Kir Piccini, parenting after infertility: some very moving comments, and some great traffic.

In terms of reaching the non-ALI audience, I’d like to take that to the next level. What seemed to work best for the last two profiles is for individuals to share the article on Facebook. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of Kir’s post to where there is a Share button: click on that button, then click on the Facebook button. This is, of course, if you are comfortable doing this.

Other ways to share Kir’s story: Instead of clicking on the Facebook button, share on Twitter, or pin it onto your Pinterest account.

Speaking of Pinterest, please feel free to add yourself to my “Faces of ALI” board. And of course feel free to “like” this board on Facebook and repin all the stories 😉

Finally, thanks to fabulously talented Courtney from Bodega Bliss, we have a beautiful blog button that connects back to the series. And it’s so pretty! Please feel free to post in on your blog’s sidebar!

Here’s the code for the blog button:

<strong><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" /> </a></strong>

Let me know if you are able to do any of the following things above, and I’ll love you forever. And you’ll be first in line for a free “Faces of ALI” book someday soon!



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10 responses to “Help Me Bring “Faces of ALI” to the Masses! Again :)

  1. A book would be fantastic! I plan on resharing the series, one a day, every time you post a new profile. Autographed copy, right? 🙂

  2. Just added it to my blog’s sidebar! Make sure you add Kir’s post to your FoALI landing page; it’s not up yet. You might also want to add a “how to spread the word about FoALI” section to that landing page as well.

  3. A book? Would be AWESOME. I’m glad that you’re moving forward with the larger project!

  4. I just put the badge on my blog! A book would be wonderful. 🙂

  5. added a button. good luck with the book!

  6. I added the button to my blog! Can’t wait for the book!

  7. On my blog as we speak. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to a book!

  8. Mia

    On my blog now, and I think a book would be an amazing way to share our stories with a wider audience. Wonderful idea!

  9. Finally got around to doing this! Button on my blog, Pinned and Linked to FB. Good luck with this project, it’s an awesome idea and so well written.

  10. fancypants

    I just found your site and am amazed by this community. I have “shared, liked, followed and subscribed” wherever I could!! Thank you, from one afflicted by infertility who, thankfully, has fought and won – though I will never forget the sadness and torment. Still to this day – I struggle with “why, why” and “wanting one more” – making me feel guilty having been so blessed already. NOBODY knows unless they’ve been through it – and I wish more people could be aware how infertility affects each person. Recently, I have made drastic changes to my life, in order to have another sibling for my 2 miracles… I have upset my family and caused rifts between those I love – and there is no way to explain to anyone how or why I made the choices I did. Thank you for trying to teach.

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