Top Post Countdown, Number 3: My Year of Living Joyfully

I am on my way to Lake Tahoe, then New York for BlogHer. I have felt bad talking about BlogHer because I remember last year I couldn’t go and the tweets and the posts about BlogHer’11 made me really sad. There are dear friends who can’t go this year.

So instead of blogging about that, I thought I’d offer the posts I’m most proud of for a few days. I know, I know. I hate when bloggers serve up old posts too.

2010 was a no-good year for me. Miscarriage, Pneumonia, a black mold infestation, living with my in-laws for three months while we tried to find a new house after we were evicted for complaining about the mold. Yes, that seriously happened.

I was not well, physically or mentally, and I wanted to see if I could change my mood. Number 3 was my way of setting a goal for 2011, and it started with a question. What would it be like to try to live for a one year seeking joy? What would that mean?

Click here to see the parameters I set and why. Then, you can fast-forward to the end of 2011 to see what I learned from the experiment.



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3 responses to “Top Post Countdown, Number 3: My Year of Living Joyfully

  1. I loved that 2011 post then, and I love it now. A good reminder to live in the now … and embrace the joy we can.

  2. Such a good idea to look for the joy everyday -this is what brings abundance. I liked your second post too.

  3. I enjoyed reading and reflecting on both of those posts with you. Very interesting to see where 2011 took you/where you took yourself.

    Have a wonderful time in Tahoe! I have only been there once, but it was a very fun and memorable trip for Bob and me. It was bittersweet because had Molly lived, I wouldn’t have been “able” to go. We we there for an old friend’s wedding and the vacation was much needed after losing Molly. It also reintroduced some old friends into our life who have become even closer/more dear to us since. We plan to return to Tahoe sometime in the next few years with our familes and vacation again together.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see you at BlogHer! I too was jealous of (and happy for) all those who got to go last year, which is why I was determined to get there this time. I too wish more of your/our tribe could join us though.

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