Enough About Me! Tell Me About You…

In August, I want to focus primarily on commenting. I love reading blogs and for the lazy month of August I want to escape into new and familiar worlds…

I’m also looking to add blogs to my reader: please leave me your URL if you’re a newer blogger or reader in the comments!

So, what are you up to this last week of July? Are you looking forward to the end of summer? Or are you enjoying the dog days?

Also, and this is totally random: is anyone a flag expert? Our flag (see above) has really been through the mill in the last winter and it’s literally a Faded Glory. Should we retire it? Is that disrespectful? Or is it disrespectful to keep it up and should we get a new one? I worry about flag etiquette…


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17 responses to “Enough About Me! Tell Me About You…

  1. what a great idea!

    And, I found this for you: http://www.senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/RL30243.pdf … see page CRS-13. When it’s “no longer a fitting emblem,” you’re supposed to destroy it. Apparently you’re also not supposed to display it in inclement weather. Whoops … we’re guilty of that one.

  2. I agree with Justine, that’s a great idea! I have a time keeping up with my commenting since I only use my iPhone. I’ll have to see what rules I can come up with to keep from having such a backlog.

  3. This last week in July has seen me going back to work after a year of maternity leave. 😥 I’m trying to treat myself to getting back in touch with my bloggy friends I’ve had trouble commenting/conversion with during maternity leave since I was always on my phone. And here in Tasmania it is the middle of winter! I’m so looking forward to the spring and having more light at the end of the day!!!

  4. Leave it to Justine to look up the answer to your flag question… She is pretty rad like that. 🙂

    I love that you plan to focus more on commenting next month! That is a great idea, especially after doing NaBloPoMo this month.

    I am up to way too much, being the over-planner/programmer that I am! The kids have swimming lessons tomorrow, we are going to our local amusement park on Friday, we have a family b-day party on Saturday afternoon after hosting a brunch at our house for college friends who are in town and then hoping to meet our new nephew on Sunday, if my sister gets to bring him home from the state he was born in by then (there is still some legal stuff/paperwork that needs to be done related to his adoption before she can leave).

    Oh yeah, and I am packing/preparing for this little blogging conference that I am going to next week. 😉 How about you?

    I have mixed feelings about the end of summer. As it seems too most years, this one has gone by way too fast and we have done too much at times and not enough also it feels like.

  5. Over here the summer have just begun weather wise. And August is the big holiday month. I’m fully booked with dogs staying so I’ll have plenty of company during the days. Then the Olympic fever is on, starting Friday.
    I had no idea about the flag rules by the way.

  6. It is so interesting some of the cultural differences in the US to the UK. I think we should be able to be proud of our flag, but it is seen as a little tacky and quite white trashy to display a flag here unless you are the queen. Sadly our flag has been used by racist groups in the past and it has picked up an association with that side of society. Also we have the issue of weather the union jack or the st George cross is the one to display.

    As for me, I am off on a little mini break for my first year anniversary. And I am really looking forward to it, as Marwil says, we finally have some sun!!

  7. I like your flag – it looks like it has lots of stories to tell!

    B will be home on Saturday after a week away, so I am just looking forward to having him home! We’ll be spending the week, though, prepping him for a job interview that just came up out of the blue. I used to be a recruiter, so this actually sounds like fun to me!

  8. When it becomes disheveled it should be replaced. See if you have a local flag shop or the local veterans or boy scouts usually take them and do a ceremony when they collect a whole bunch. My local flag store collects them for the veterans. They actually give you a discount on a new one if you bring in your old one to be disposed of in an honorable fashion.

    These last weeks I am trying to keep busy in my 2WW and celebrate my 29th Birthday.

  9. Hi jjiraffe, friend of Justine, and thank you for your Just Write post. I’m discovering, this week, that the kids can manage pretty well with no TV (not that I have so much self-discipline, but it’s broken and if they want to watch something I have to let them use my computer, which means I can’t do anything fun and have to do housework instead) and that they might finally be at the point when they can play cooperatively and imaginatively without risking life and limb at every moment. (They’re 3 and 6.) Which leaves me at something of a loose end. Apart from the aforementioned housework, which I’m doing my best to ignore.

    I’d love it if you’d consider adding my blog to your roll.

  10. I have been trying to focus on commenting a lot the past few days, because I have been awful the past few months- mostly because I’ve been sick and read most blogs on my phone. Looking forward to summer being over and fall bringing cooler weather- we are house hunting and getting ready to put ours on the market- I’m excited to move on but not excited to pack and actually move- ugh.

  11. I’m a newer blogger:-) Autumn is my favorite time of the year, so I am looking forward to September. This being an Olympic year is great though and my next two weeks are booked with gymnastics, swimming, diving and running.

  12. Where the heck did July go?? I am looking forward to August (well, after the 7th, anyway…) because I will be heading home to see my parents. And The Princess. ; ) I am counting down the days….

  13. New reader/blogger here!!! theyellowblanket.wordpress.com I am LOVING this blog. Thank you for all you are doing to highlight ALI!!

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