Oh, Calamity, Part Two: Faces of ALI update

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet on Saturday.

Oh, Calamity.

And I had not backed it up in two months. I thought I was backing it up, but I was only downloading the photos. Doh.

Have I told you all my process for writing a Faces of ALI feature? I read someone’s whole blog. Every single entry. It’s the only way I can really immerse myself in their experience. It usually takes weeks to cover all of this ground and I take a lot of notes.

And, I had taken extensive notes for my next Faces of ALI portrait on THAT iPhone. The notes covered SIX YEARS of my subject’s blog.

Those notes are completely gone. I nearly lost my mind when I found out.

But you know how I recall some blog posts almost word for word? I remembered most of this subject’s blog BY HEART. It helps she’s a really good writer who goes straight for the heart.

But all y’all: I think I have a photographic memory! For blogs. Is that a thing?

I rarely brag about anything, but I am going to totally brag ABOUT THIS!!!

I wrote the entire portrait today. I cranked The Smiths, and just powered it out. It’s funny that I matched my subject with The Smiths. It’s not necessarily her taste. (I don’t think?) The profile is in my brother’s pedantic copy editing hands. It will then go to the blogger. I hope she likes it. I hope she loves it. I hope I did her justice and honored her. She deserves it.

Any guesses who it is? That might be fun…winner gets, something fun! Those of you who know, I know who you are πŸ˜‰

What’s Faces of ALI? Click here

Also, this song. Because I like it.



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6 responses to “Oh, Calamity, Part Two: Faces of ALI update

  1. You ROCK, sister. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ll second that! πŸ™‚ You certainly do rock!

    I can only imagine how much that realization must have sucked, but am also in awe that you were able to remember so much!

    So is your brother the one who gave you the feedback about editing and offering to do it for you?

    I am sure whomever you chose this time around will love what you wrote.

    Six years… I guess Mel! Is that too obvious? She seems to fit what you shared, but I know there are many other long time bloggers that you may have chosen to read and honor.

    No matter who it is, I can’t wait! I LOVE your Face of ALI and look forward to each installment.

  3. I don’t have any guesses, but I just dowloaded a different Wombats song the other day (maybe Sunday?). I like them.

  4. UGH! That is horrible that you lost all that but amazing that you remember it all! I can’t wait to read the next Faces of ALI!

  5. Wait. You are so good at texting that you can take copious notes on you iPhone!? I bow down to you.

    If Siri’s helping you, that’s another thing.

    Either way, your blog-memory is amazing. I’m gonna guess Mel because she just had her 6th blogoversary. And that must be a couple thousand posts. So again, I bow down.

  6. That is seriously amazing. Also, that sucks so massively that your iPhone bit the dust (er – water?). Our iPod fell into the toddler potty last year and while it limped along for a little while after that – it was never the same – and then died. So, we’ve been there. Looking forward to your next installment!

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