No Phone, SNAP!

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet yesterday.

It was THAT kind of day.

Because I am a dolt, I immediately pushed the button to turn it on. After I fished it out. Ew.

Remember that Kellogg commercial? With those three deranged elves in chef hats who listened to the cereal making noises?

Also, why did we think that breakfast cereal should make any noise at all?

Anyway, my phone made those EXACT noises.

My brain made this noise.

You know how everyone talks about how great it would be if we could all just get off our phones?

Well, it was not great. It was not great at all. It, in fact, sucked giant matzo balls of doom.

All day, my eye did this.

I was not able to text Esperanza 50 times. I could NOT look up what pedantic meant during an argument with Darcy. I could not randomly watch my favorite cat videos when I was bored.

“Oh, CALAMITY!” as my daughter would say.

Whatever. I didn’t feel like I got MORE out of my interactions with fellow human beings without that damn phone around.

But maybe I’m just in withdrawal…

Have you ever lost your phone? Did it make you miserable?



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15 responses to “No Phone, SNAP!

  1. Oh no! That really sucks!

    That photo of the Snap, Crackle, Pop guys reminds me a of song about them that I learned at camp years ago that we used to sing a round.

    I haven’t lost my phone, but I have left it at home a few times when I was going to be gone for the whole day and that really sucked. I have *only* had my iPhone for about two years now, but it is hard for me to remember life with out it. That is probably pathetic of me to admit. But like you, though I appreciate unplugging for a bit now and then (voluntarily/not by accident), it is really hard for me (and I am not sure if it is that beneficial) for me to go without my phone for long.

  2. Esperanza

    Um, does your daughter really say, Oh Calamity?! Because that is AWESOME if she does.

    I think I’m going through as much withdrawal about your phone being gone than you are. It’s pretty much driving me insane.

    I have lost regular phones before but never my iPhone (yet, it’s only a matter of time). I cannot imagine how lost I’ll be without it. Truly. It will be a sad, dark day. 😉

    I hope you get it back soon, because honestly, this not texting this WILL NOT DO!


    • I don’t think I have ever heard or said myself the expression “oh calamity!” But if and when I do, I will now think of you two! Along with “rad” and “amazeballs…” Okay, it is past my bedtime and I need to go get some sleep! 🙂

  3. P.S. On a related note my sister recently had an experience where she was staying somewhere for an extended period of time with no WiFi. She called me on my phone with hers (using 3G) and told me that and I audibly gasped. She replied, “I KNOW!!!” Then we both started laughing. She said her husband didn’t fully appreciate what a big deal that is and was glad that I understood. 😉

  4. Take it back to the Apple Store, perhaps they can help you. Mine got smashed several weeks ago and I was heartbroken. Especially cause hubby is constantly texting me about this and that, never mind sending him pics of the kid while he’s at work. You can’t rely on your cell phone company to be of any use. I told my husband to put insurance on it (it’s on his account) but he won’t. And the stupid company won’t accept a cash payment for the year. Sigh. Yes, it’s just a matter of time. My Galaxy Nexus is so huge – and with me juggling a kid,the dog’s leash, my keys, etc. it’s just a matter of time before it gets smashed or dropped into the toilet.

  5. St. Elsewhere

    Ouch for your phone.

    I have never lost a phone, but last Sep/Oct, my Nokia lost its mental balance and started behaving abnormally. I tried to revive the poor mobile, but it was so irritating that I let it off on medical grounds. I was mobile-free for a couple of days, and then bought another one. It was distressing to be minus it.

    However, part of last year was spent keeping my phone silent…and not taking calls at all. So, I was pretty cured of mobileomania.

    P.S. Can you make my hubby’s Blackberry fall in the toilet?

  6. Oh, crap. That would really upset me as well. It’s one thing to turn your phone off for a few hours or so but to lose it completely without warning is totally different. Not cool.

  7. I got the shakes just reading your post. I cannot fathom being without a functioning iPhone.

  8. I don’t have a smartphone and the cellphone I do have is rarely on, so losing mine wouldn’t be a calamity for me. ; ) But it WOULD be annoying, because I HATE losing things. Also, with my luck, it would probably happen right about the time I DID need to use it… and try finding a working payphone these days… (never mind having the correct change to use it…!). As I said, I don’t use mine much, but I do like knowing it’s there for me to use if I needed it. It’s kind of a security blanket.

  9. “Oh, CALAMITY!” is right! (I am totally stealing that from your daughter – it’s a heck of a lot better than the, “ah sh*t!” (or worse but more effective, “ah f*ck!”) that starts out 50% of my exclamations IRL!)

    Every time I leave the house, I make sure I have my phone. Sometimes, after getting Matthew strapped in and ready to go, I’ll realize I left it in the house and then I have to decide – go get it or live on the edge a little. I have not chosen to live on the edge even once. HA! I figure that it’s my emergency phone and MUST always be with me. Truth be told, though, is that I fear being bored without it more than what I would do if there was a real emergency. Other people carry their phones that I can borrow if there’s a REAL emergency.

    I have spent a couple days without my phone due to breaking it – and those couple of days were terrible.

  10. Oh, NO! 😦

    I actually still don’t use my phone very much. Because it’s cool, but not SUPER cool. But if I ever lost my laptop, oh … how very, very sad it would be. 😦

  11. I am so sorry about the calamity, but I had to click over to tell you that this post has the best special effects EVER.

  12. I forgot my phone at home for like 5 hours yesterday and it actually felt good. I was at first worried about all the emails and blog reading I was missing, but then I just enjoyed myself. I was happy though when I got home and it was back in my hand. Oh Calamity! Love it! hehehe

  13. Rice is definitely the thing. But since you can’t take iPhones apart, it might not help (one of the many reasons I am not an Apple user). I’ve dropped my phone in the toilet or other water many times, and I take all the pieces apart, bury it in rice, and leave it at least 24 hours. It’s always worked so far.
    Hope you can get a new one soon, at least!

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