Mom Makes Everything Better

My mom’s here.

My mom is the most nurturing person I know. She has bottomless reserves of patience and kindness. To have her here while my daughter is ill makes me breathe more soundly. She’s reassurance incarnated.

Tonight she watched the twins while I made a childhood favorite in my dutch oven: chicken with olives and spaghetti. It’s much more complicated than that: I should come up with a fancy name for it. (Justine?) When my mom is here, food tastes more wholesome and nourishing. Why is that?

Tonight I am thankful. In the end, it’s the simple pleasures that make me the happiest. I hope I can remember that in the future.

Is there someone in your life who makes your life a better place just by being in a room with you? Who is it?



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15 responses to “Mom Makes Everything Better

  1. So glad your mom is there with you. Our moms sound like they have many similar qualities. My mom is the person who is also the person who makes my life a better place.

    Will you share your recipe with us?

  2. lol CA

    Your roses picture is simply lovely!
    If your daughter is sick I am extra happy your mother is there. Sick babies are always hard. Even when said baby is 42 yrs. May she be well soon. And may glorious flowers always be part of your life.

  3. My mom is definitely that person for me and I’m lucky I get to see her a lot. I’m so glad your mom is here to help out during this difficult time. Enjoy her!

  4. Are those your roses and lavender? So beautiful. So glad to hear your mom is with you, Sorry to hear your daughter is still sick 😦 I was thinking of e-mailing to ask how she’s doing.

    My mom is that person for me too. I wanted her to be with me for the birth of my first baby but the fates decreed it was not to be.

    Way to go with the comfort food – sounds amazing and delicious! Recipe?

  5. I’m glad your mom is helping out. My mom came for six weeks (a month before and two weeks after my birth of my baby) just recently and really did everything and more for me.

  6. You are so, so lucky to have such a supportive mother. I try not to discuss my mother’s and my relationship much on Scrambled Eggs but it is far, far from ideal. That person who makes me a better human by just being in the room with me is my brother, who I miss terribly lately.

    I’m considering adding chicken to my diet (post coming on this dilemma soon!) and need some non-disgusting recipes. Care to share?

  7. My mom can drive me nuts sometimes, but she also takes care of me better than anyone else, with the possible exception of dh. She dropped everything & flew to be with me when I delivered our stillborn daughter (my FIL picked her up at the airport & dropped her off at the hospital), & I was never so relieved to see anyone walking down the hallway of that hospital.

    I can remember going with her to my grandparents’ for the weekend once, when I was in university. My grandmother had made all her favourites for dinner — chicken & dumplings, and bread pudding for dessert. My mom was so happy, it was so cute. It dawned on me then that my grandma was taking care of her little girl, just like mom took care of me.

    I think most of us never feel too old to have our mommies take care of us. ; )

  8. My mom is my person, too. I’ve taken to calling her “mommy” again because when I’m with her things seem so simple and light.

    Glad yours is making things better for you.

  9. To be honest, I have a lot of good friends, but the only person who has taken care of me when I was actually sick has been my husband. It’s great, but it’s not the same as having your mum there.

  10. I’m glad your mom is there and helping ease your stress, and I hope your daughter improves rapidly.

    My mom is that person now, due to a combination of not seeing her often, our common experiences with infertility, and, well, her terminal illness. We were never close until recently.

  11. I’m so glad that your mom is there, and that she brings you comfort … I’ve been thinking a lot about you, sending as many healing thoughts across the country as I can muster. Perhaps at least the thoughts of peace made it.

    Chicken with olives … sounds a little bit like Chicken Marbella (“beautiful sea”) from the Silver Palate … maybe it should have a name along those lines? Or maybe even “Pollo Recomfortate”: “comfort chicken.” 🙂

  12. I would love the recipe for chicken w/ olives! I’m glad your mom is there and bringing you comfort. I think my person would be my friend Amber.

  13. 🙂

    My friend whom I call Honeybee. Thinking of her now just brings a huge grin to my face.

  14. I wish my mom was that person. I hope your daughter gets well soon.

  15. So glad you are getting some much needed help and mothering. My Hubby is that person for me. I am able to do so much more and feel better about anything just with him with me.

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