I Just Got BUSTED!

Something Else Embarrassing

Sometimes you hear about a blogger getting, well, busted for something they’ve written. Dooce famously got fired after writing about her workplace.

On a more serious note, sometimes in the ALI community anonymous blogs are discovered by friends or family members. The writer usually decides to:
1) Make their blog password-protected
2) Start a new blog
3) Stop writing all together

Well, my day of reckoning has finally arrived. I have been officially busted by a family member.

For this:

“The content is great and getting better, but typos and grammatical errors unfortunately discredit writers more than they should.”


This is why I love my family.

They’ve had to endure reading all sorts of self-critical essays and even excruciatingly boring posts about pies, but they draw the line. AT TYPOS!!!

I could make a lot of excuses about WHY there have been typos and grammatical errors in my writing, but, alas, the truth is grammar was the second hardest class I took in school. I used to rely on the AP Stylebook quite a bit during my professional writing days. It didn’t even occur to me to use it while writing my blog. Blogging seems rather free form, and all that. Or, I’m just lazy.

Do you refer to a Stylebook while writing your blog posts? Do you cringe for me when you see the many typos which (or is it THAT!?) litter my work? Are you proud of your grammar knowledge?

Also, this family member has offered to edit my work, and, yeah, I think I’m going to take them up on that offer. And dear readers, if you’re still here and haven’t been scared away by my atrocious misuse of the colon, I promise to do better.


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19 responses to “I Just Got BUSTED!

  1. When I was a teacher, I was a hard-core grammar nazi. I LOVED teaching parts of speech and diagramming sentences. In formal writing, I still am a stickler for proper writing, but I think blogging is more free form and I like to experiment and be more liberal when it comes to my writing. I love conversational- type writing in blogging, which isn’t necessarily proper or correct. And for the record, I’ve never once noticed and error in your writing. I wouldn’t change a thing!

  2. I love your family. That’s too funny!

    I will admit it, poor grammar is a pet peeve of mine. I have called employers because their ads in the papers are atrocious. I once sent an email to a company because there was an error in a pop-up ad. And I notice every extra or missing letter or space in every book I read.

    But it’s never bothered me in blogs. Ian has read me comments and asked if I was going to teach them, but he knows now that blog grammar just doesn’t matter to me. Except improper usage of less/fewer. That’s still a biggie.

    Pie spoiler! One chocolate, one banana cream, no bananas. I’ll put pics up when they’re done. 🙂

  3. Grammatical errors? I totally missed those … I am clearly losing my touch.

    I can’t even IMAGINE what my family would say if they read my blog … *shudder*!

  4. Thats hilarious! Never noticed any bad grammar in your blog, but my knowledge of actual proper grammar is minimal – I don’t recall it actually being taught at school past full stop, comma, speechmarks. I do like me a bit of semi-colon, but have no idea when it should and shouldn’t be used. Bad spelling and apostrophes drive me nuts, if a blog relied on a lot of text speak that would be a hard one to read, but generally with blogs you can tell what people are saying regardless of occasional errors

  5. Well, I *thought* was good at grammar, but since none of your egregious errors ever popped out at me, now I’m wondering.

    Two funny!


  6. I don’t care if you have good grammar or typos. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of time to write – I’m interrupted a lot, and sometime it takes me a few days to hit publish and still I catch typos later. In any case, I think you make yourself understood.

  7. Haha this is too funny. I haven’t notice a thing at yours, but I probably have tons of bad grammar on mine.

  8. Echoing the others… Though I have never been great at grammar, for the most part I don’t notice it on people’s blogs or try too hard to use it on my own. That is interesting that one of your family members felt strongly enough to bring it up though.

  9. I am pretty into grammar, and I often notice grammar mistakes in blogs. They don’t bother me if they’re obviously accidental or if English is not the person’s first language (like Marwil – give yourself a break!). They do drive me nuts when they come from a misunderstanding of how to use words correctly, though. And I have never noticed any grammar mistakes on your blog! None.

  10. Wordgirl

    I was once completely savaged in a workshop by a famous editor had a famous magazine for my grammar. It was awful. From that point on I like to say I got better… But I didn’t. I still pretty much think that content is key and that’s Whitakers or four. Is that awful?

  11. Wordgirl

    Argh to autocorrect ! That’s what editors are for. See Cormac McCarthy … I taught college level grammar and am ashamed at how often I had to bone up on things… I am not the person to answer this question. Xoxo

    • Wordgirl

      When I think about it it’s ludicrous that an MFA allows one to teach composition… Not all writers are rigorous grammarians.

  12. OMG! I would die if a family member said that to me. I am a stickler for grammar and spelling but in blogging, it matters to me only it if it’s egregious and detracts from the writing. However, it does contribute to the impression I form of the writer. I never noticed any grammar mistakes or typos in your writing though! And you better believe I proofed the heck out of this comment LOL.

  13. That is funny. I was lucky and had an incredible English teacher in high school. Her standards were harder to meet than those of my college freshmen writing course. I was given the nickname Grammar N*zi by my freshmen writing classmates when I held myself and them to the standards my high school teacher demanded.

  14. ROFL!! I have somehow earned myself the title of Ms CP (Canadian Press) Stylebook around our office. My journalism school profs were sticklers for CP style, & would deduct marks for errors. Misspell an proper name & you got an automatic zero, no matter how eloquent your story. I don’t pretend to know it all, but I probably know where to look it up. ; )

    And, for the record, I really haven’t noticed any big errors in your blog!

  15. geochick

    What’s Stylebook? 😀 And that’s my thought on grammar…..too funny you got busted for grammar by a family member.

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