I don’t think that I’ve ever done this before. But I think A Half-Baked Life’s post about blogging and the truth is so important that I just want to send all y’all over there.

It asks essential questions I think every blogger needs to answer:

– What do we owe our readers?
– Are bloggers storytellers or truth-tellers?
– Do you think about the consequences of every post you write?




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4 responses to “READ THIS POST!

  1. Thanks for the headsup!

  2. THANK YOU, jjiraffe!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sending me to this post. I think about this a lot. On my blog, I don’t talk about fights my husband and I have, and I worry sometimes that I paint a too rosy picture of my marriage. But we do have a good relationship. If my marriage was falling apart, I think it would be dishonest to write about my marriage as though it were happy. Not relaying the details of our occasional spats…I see that as maintaing privacy for my husband (he’d be very upset if I shared details on my blog). So I feel like it’s OK how I’m doing it, but a gray area for sure.

  4. Wow. I clicked over to Justine’s post and then to the MWOP blog, and when I got there I was stunned by the animosity these people feel toward MckMama. It’s not clear to me that she did anything to them personally by being less than completely honest. And the issues that she hid are really hard to talk about – I can hardly blame her for downplaying her difficulties! Like Kristen said, none of us really blog about everything that’s going on in our lives; we are by nature selective. I don’t think that constitutes a betrayal of our readers.

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