One Game at a Time?

I hate to pack. I am about to take a trip. Before I leave for a trip, I think, I tweet, I blog: I do anything to avoid packing. I don’t know why I hate it so. But I do. I really, really do.

So, I have avoided the X-Men series. Why? Well, to be honest, I HATE the idea of an ex-Holocaust victim as an arch-villan. I don’t know Magneto’s complicated backstory.

But, I was doing anything to avoid packing my suitcase and so after watching GOT, Girls and Veep (all while doing and folding many loads of laundry, I’d like to add) I began watching X-Men Master Class, set in the 1940s and 1960s. I love James MacAvoy, I NOW love Michael Fassbender and I was intrigued by the plot: Magneto seeks vengence upon his N.azi tormentor, and the killer of his mother. And then, as an ex-N.azi pulled his knife, I SUDDENLY REMEMBERED.

I was in a European country (I will not name it not, other than to say it was not Germany) perusing an open-air market. At first I was charmed by the art (a distinctive, lovely style and the beautiful people selling it: in fact, I bought a pretty painting) but then I noticed the memorabilia others were selling. How do I put this in this day and age? It was N.azi memorabilia. This was in 2005.

I am a blonde-haired blue-eyed woman who is of Scandinavian and English heritage, so I think the dealers were maybe more open to me, although I can’t prove that.

What I saw: passports from N.azi Germany, SS badges, plates with the horrible marks, glasses with horrible marks. Worst of all were the knives: weapons with that dreaded mark, knives saying in German terrible things. Iron things. Cold things. Deadly things.

I don’t understand the world. I never will.

I recently saw Fiddler on the Roof, the movie, for the first time. It was funny, wonderful and horrific. The pogroms, the discrimination.

What do I tell my children about this hate? I don’t know. So far, they know the story of Purim, and they worry about Hamen. As really, everyone should.

In Game of Thrones, one of the main characters, a strategist really, finds out about a distant, although very real threat. He says: “One game at a time.”

And I guess, in the end, this is what we can do and must do. No matter what our worries (environmental catastrophe, cancer, terrorism) we can only battle what we know is coming.

And what is coming?

An ugly attack on health coverage, unless you are rich. Intolerance of those who are infertile.

These are the issues that matter most to me. And so, they are the “knives” I will focus upon.

One game at a time. One game at a time.



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9 responses to “One Game at a Time?

  1. Ana

    Sorry to nitpick in such a powerful post…but I think you mean “x men” not x files?
    (also, yes, so many immediate and long term horrors…I think the overwhelm can lead to apathy if you don’t focus on one specific threat at a time)

  2. I think you are right. There is only so much you can do, and many issues that need *someone* to be their champion. It is important to learn about the past, but we also need to focus on the present.

    And that’s really horrific what you saw in that country that wasn’t Germany.

  3. It hurts my heart, thinking of trying to explain such horrible things to children. And then how do you explain the people who think those horrible things were good – who want to buy memorabilia from those things?

    One threat at at time. I guess that’s the best we can do, right?

  4. Yes, there are actually people out there who want to buy swastika labelled items – I think it’s disgusting really. It’s like some people think history was some kind of fairy tale to scare kids.

  5. It’s so hard to see evil in the world. But I think you’re right, you can’t focus on it all or you’ll go crazy…

  6. Esperanza

    I haven’t started thinking about how I’ll explain those kinds of atrocities to my daughter. It’s strange to think we all have to learn about it; by the time we’re adults we take it all for granted, it hardly phases us until we’re reminded of it all again when we have to explain it to our children.

    I like the idea of one game at a time. Perhaps I am playing too many games right now, trying to distract myself from all the uncertainty in my life. I feel I want more to fill my plate and make the disappointments easier to ignore, but maybe I’m doing more harm than good. I’ll have to think about this.

  7. I agree that is all we can do when it comes to teaching our children about these things and dealing with them as adults. One game at a time. Well said.

    As an aside I often catch up with whats on my DVR while folding laundry. I imagine that’s not uncommon, but smiled while reading that. 🙂

  8. I also watch TV while folding laundry! I bet most women do that. Folding laundry is so boring, and I feel guilty if I JUST watch TV.

    Yes, I think we should only worry about one game at a time. There’s only so much we can do.

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