Thank You For The Blog Posts: Part One

I have an almost total recall for prose which has moved me in some emotional way, whether to tears, laughter, greater empathy or just awe. Am I alone? I often muse upon old posts I read months ago as well as ones I have read today. This is what is so strange and powerful about the written (or typed) word to me: the lasting impact someone can make when one hits the publish button.

Today I was thinking how grateful I am to many bloggers for hitting that “publish now” button. Some of the posts that reverberate in my mind were famous, most weren’t. Some got hundreds of comments (one got thousands) but most didn’t. But what I realized is that validation, something discussed a lot recently in the blogosphere, isn’t just about the immediate impact of that first rush of page views and comments. It’s also the aftermath, the possibility to move someone even years later, to some emotion.

So I’d like to single out these particular posts, some of which are days, months and years old (one is over a decade old), and these particular writers for their work. Thank you for your posts, which had a lasting impact on me. They have changed me or shaped me in some way, or in many cases, provided a much needed laugh. Which may sound trivial but I assure you it’s not: laughter makes my life much better and richer. Some of the writers I know personally, but most of them I do not.

In Alphabetical Order (There are more, but here is Part One):

a little pregnant: In the midst of my pregnancy problems in 2010, I frantically googled “gestational sac small” and came across this post, which both prepared me for the worst and also made me feel less alone. I consumed Julie’s whole blog that day and also discovered Stirrup Queens.

Amalah: “This Mortal Coil” Because nothing is more funny than an oven fire, an inconveniently located fuse box and running into a wall facefirst, right? In Amalah’s hands, a proctology exam would be hysterical. Maybe? Probably.

Ayelet Waldman’s Bad Mother Blog: The only blog I read until 2010, and I didn’t even know it was a blog. I love this post, about how reviews and book signings totally suck for authors.

Bereaved and Blessed: “Gatekeepers” A moving and life-affirming post which asks her viewers two questions: “How are you feeling?” “What are you doing tomorrow?” based on a local hero, Kevin Briggs, who has kept 200 people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. I think everyone in Marin County unfortunately could name someone they know or know of who has jumped, so this was very meaningful to me personally.

Bodega Bliss: A pregnancy announcement with a twist: Courtney decides to embrace only the joy in her good news, and enjoy every single day. If you know Courtney’s struggle, you know how extraordinary this is, and how extraordinary she is.

Bloggess: “And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.” The post which changed the way we all look at big metal chickens. Forever.

Bloodsigns: “The Oleander & the Groves” Haunting, brilliant: about how the very landscape we are in brings about layers of emotions and memories. God, I wish I could write like this.

Dragondreamer’s Lair: In WTF news, I will NEVER forget Kristin’s post about the car decorated with what appears to be…Louis Vuitton stickers? I have no words. Still.

Elphaba: My so-called life: The Sims and their ridiculously easy time with pregnancy causes much jealousy. Funny, funny stuff.

Flotsam: Even thinking about this post, about how the main theme of her decor is “whimsy,” makes me chortle. Alexa Stevenson takes us on a photo tour of her house and the highlights are “elderly, stiffened washclothes” “cat hair tumbleweeds” and “rug last washed during previous administration.” Rad.

Half-Baked Life: God sent Justine down from Heaven to teach us all how to make these chocolate peanut butter pillows.

Infertility Voice: Keiko’s post about how her dad covered 9/11 as a photojournalist was fascinating not just because I am also a daughter of a journalist, but because I loved her dad’s story: unfiltered and honest. The unpublished photo he took of Ground Zero is stunning.

Kir’s Corner: Perspective. I think this post sums up the complicated emotions of parenting after infertility so, so well. This is exactly how I feel, but am unable to articulate.

Life From Here: The most amazing, breathtaking conclusion to a pregnancy and birth story with more twists and turns than a Hitchcock movie. Masterfully told.

Marwil: “Never is a long time” Short. Sad. Sweet.

Maybe Baby: Love > sadness. A mother goes to visit the trees she has planted in memory of her twin daughters with a friend. I had to catch my breath after reading this.

Mommy Odyssey: Mo’s sense of humor is on full display, here, in this post about how her 34 day cycle nearly broke her brain. I laughed so hard, and keep returning to the post to see “ZOMG Teh Drama!” kitten picture, again.

Not a Fertile Myrtle: In honor of 9/11, Suzy decides to challenge herself to be kind to strangers. Her post really made me look at that event differently, and ever since I read that post I have also tried to be more kind to and mindful of strangers.

Road Less Travelled: I will never, ever forget the story of Loribeth’s Christmas Party From Hell. Seriously! The insensitivity, it boggles the mind ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Smartness: “Sh*t Uncle Paul Says.” Oh my Lordy, teh hilarity. I love Kymberli’s description of Uncle Paul, who she meets for the first time at a family funeral. “Paul looked around at everyone exchanging greetings. He heaved a dramatic sigh and lit a cigarette. ‘Come on, letโ€™s get this funeral on the road. I have compassion, but I donโ€™t have patience.’ Then he gave two snaps up and a little ‘mmmhmmm’ neck roll.”

Stirrup Queens: Mel is hella funny. I know that’s maybe not what she’s known for (and obviously I could go on and on about inspiring things she’s written), but this, about a flakey tooth fairy made me laugh so hard I startled people at Jamba Juice. Close second: the vomit circle of hell, featuring really annoying little ponies. “Mr. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiskers!”

Stumbling Gracefully: “Miscarriages Are Real Losses.” No one could read this and not understand the absolute devastation that a miscarriage causes. Esperanza brilliantly intersperses a clinical voice explaining what a miscarriage is with journal entries of how she felt. “Tell them that, even if you canโ€™t comprehend what theyโ€™re going through, you accept it and everything that comes with it; that you acknowledge their loss as significant and real. Because it is.” Amazing.

Tomato Nation: For Thou Art With Us. Yet another account of 9/11, but this one from an eyewitness to the twin towers falling. The eyewitness is a pop culture writer (and she’s not a blogger but has a website) I’ve long admired, Sarah Bunting. Every year I reread her story and it always crushes me on many levels: the mundane (her shoes were too tight that day), the extraordinary, the unimaginable (the piece of burned shirt cuff that lands on her as she’s watching the towers on fire), the hellish, the terrifying, the unexpected friendship: all these elements intertwine to create such an enduring and horrifying tale. It amazes me still that such a writer was there in the epicenter of it all, and was able to tell the story.

Write Mind, Open Heart: The Meadow. Incredible.

As a humble reader, I just wanted to thank you one and all. Your writing has meant a lot to me.

Am I alone? Do you remember posts long after they have been published? Or do they fade away like fog on a San Francisco afternoon after you’ve read them? If you do have posts which you remember long after they were written, please feel free to share them in the comments. I would love to read them.



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31 responses to “Thank You For The Blog Posts: Part One

  1. Thank you for the mention dear and thanks for sharing these wonderful posts. Some I have read but many are new, off to read some now ๐Ÿ™‚ great stuff.

  2. SRB

    The Bloggess Beyonce chicken post is one if my all time favourite things on the internet. Ever.

    In all seriousness however, in all my ALI reading, the post that resonated with me the most, the meant everything to me, was Esperanza’s miscarriage post listed above. I have never seen my own heart and soul on the screen like that before. I wish I had had the courage to send it to everyone I know, everyone who was indifferent and in some cases unkind. It is a beautiful piece of writing, and one I still revisit when I find myself wondering why I just can’t “get over it.” Because I just can’t, that’s why.

  3. So true, how powerful, thought-provoking and entertaining posts can live on in our minds. I too have many that have really touched me, made me nod my head in gratefulness that someone else “gets” how I am feeling and others that had me laughing out loud with much needed comic relief on my journey. I am honored that my Gatekeepers post has stuck with you. I just got an email from a reader yesterday saying the same thing and how it has helped her in reaching out to/being there for a loved one who is struggling. I will have to think about some of my all time favorite blogs posts that other’s have written and return here or maybe even write my own post to highlight them (and of I do I will link back to this one in thanks for your inspiration to do so, as well as to one or more of your other posts that have made a difference in my life and how I think about our journey through ADL). Thank you and well done! I look forward to clicking through and reading some of the posts you mentioned that I am not familiar with. It was also cool to see how many I remembered and that have stuck with me too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. P.S. I wish there was an edit button for comments… I meant others, not other’s and ALI, not ADL. ;

  5. TheKirCorner

    I can’t believe you picked one from me and reading it again, wow, the tears were just flowing down my face this morning…”I wrote this?” I thought “I felt all that stuff???” and then I dug deep deep down and realized…yes, that’s exactly how I felt.

    this was wonderful and so nice of you to do for ALL of us, for you to make us see each other, whether it was a post from yesterday or a decade ago. OUR VILLAGE is one of the things I am most thankful for in my life.

    thank you so much for highlighting and celebrating these other women, and please know that I have love, respect and support aplenty for you. xoxo

  6. Thank you for sharing these wonderful posts.

  7. A.

    Thanks for this list. It was great to click around. I also frequently bookmark specific posts and come back to them weeks, months, and sometimes even years later…truly outstanding posts that really resonate with me I can go back to again and again and each time rediscover the same wisdom, strength, or comfort that made me bookmark them in the first place…like reopening a favorite passage in a favorite book.

  8. Haha, oh that Sims post was a fun one to write. Thanks for the reminder ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thank you for including me in this incredible list, I’m honored. I wish I could remember all of the incredible posts that have struck me so I could return to them again and again. Do you bookmark them? I guess I’m just not that organized.

    Thank you again. xoxo

    • I don’t bookmark them, except in my head. It’s weird: I just totally remember these posts (and others too), almost word for word. And I am very happy I do ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This is a great list – I’d include your Faces of ALI posts in my list of posts that stuck with me. (Courtney’s profile if I had to pick just one.) Esperanza’s miscarriage post would also be on my list. I’m a huge sucker for comedic posts too… ah, how I aspire to be Julie from a little pregnant.

  11. Oh, I can’t wait to dig into this list. I really like the way you think and write and therefore, I am probably drawn to the same posts you are. Thanks for including me (honored!) and thanks for some weekend reading!

    You rock, my friend.

  12. Mel

    I was so touched by this! I was going through my Reader and then bam — I’m remembering not only some of these great posts but the ones that always roll around in my head. Just because it’s on my mind tonight because I’m learning the song on the guitar, From IF to When’s 21 Guns post is the first one that pops into my head.

  13. Wow, this sounds like an amazing collection, many of which I have not yet read. I’m so looking forward to digging into it this weekend!

  14. what an outstanding list. I am so honored to be included, thank you. I love how you compiled these. looks like I have some additional reading to do!

  15. These are some of my favorites, too, and I’m so honored to be included here … even if it’s mostly for the cookies. (*grin*) I remember thinking “Oh, man, do I want an Uncle Paul!” And Esperanza’s post reminded me so much of my own during last year’s NIAW … it touched me that she put my feelings so perfectly into words. And you … too many to count? “Sluts vote,” one of my favorites. But also your amazing Faces of ALI series.

    We have so many gifted writers among us … and so many continue to make me the writer, and thinker, and person that I am. Thank you for the list you’ve posted here, and for the list you keep in your heart.

  16. Thanks for posting these! I haven’t gotten a chance to click through yet, but i’m really looking forward to reading some of them. Most I have not read.

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  18. I was wondering why I was getting a sudden uptick of readers for my Worst.Christmas Party.Ever. post. Now I know…! Thanks!

    Great, list, Jjiraffe, & I remember reading some of these myself. I do have posts that I remember very clearly, although I’d probably have difficulty finding some of them again. Julie (A Little Pregnant)’s Facebook parody, for one, pops immediately to mind. I still think it’s one of the more brilliantly hilarious things I’ve ever read about infertility.

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  20. m.

    So so humbled to be a part of this list. Thank you! And thank you for this gorgeous compilation. I’m bookmarking this post so I can really ingest it over the weekend. I remember some of these posts by their titles too! I can almost pull them up mentally in my mind, others I haven’t seen before and cannot wait to delve in. What a fantastic idea.

    Another one of my all time favorites was Julie from A Little Pregnant’s post on her mammogram adventure. I remember snorting tea up my nose at my desk trying not to laugh too loud at work.

  21. I also remember posts that truly touch me. I will never forget the post Getupgrrl wrote over at Chez Miscarriage about Mizuko which translates as “water child” and is the term for a miscarried or aborted fetus. I wish I could link to the post but, because of someone stealing her work, the archives are not available.

    And, thank you for mentioning me in this august company. It’s a truly amazing list of blogs and bloggers and I’m honored to be a part of it.

  22. Mo

    I’m so late on commenting on this:
    Thank you! I am honored.
    Much love!

  23. I really enjoyed reading all these posts. Thanks for sharing!

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  25. nsobilisim

    thank you for posting

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