BlogHer Spotlight and That Time Magazine Article

Today my blog, specifically this entry, is featured on BlogHer. I love the way Mel compares reading your blog in full to looking into the Pensieve, like Dumbledore does in Harry Potter.

As I re-read this post today, it makes me sad. And I do link it to the Time Magazine article, with its offensive headline “Are You Mother Enough?”

I think there has been an unprecedented backlash on women in the last year. And I feel judged, battered, bruised and defensive.

I never thought in my lifetime that the merits of the birth control pill would actually be debated from a moral point of view.

I never thought that the word “slut” would be used so pejoratively, so publicly, to mark women taking birth control pills with a scarlet letter.

I never thought that a fertility clinic would not be welcomed into a town.

I never thought that a women would be judged so publicly for breastfeeding or not breastfeeding a child at the age of four.

Notice what’s NOT being talked about:

Are you Father Enough?

The Decreasing Amount of Jobs for Men

Increased Infertility Statistics for Men

How Schools Increasingly Don’t Favor Boys

I don’t say this to be harsh to men. We NEED to talk about THESE issues. We need to talk about these issues MUCH MORE than we need to discuss whether a woman should take birth control pills for WHATEVER reason.

And so endeth my rant for the day.

Is it possible to change the conversation?


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9 responses to “BlogHer Spotlight and That Time Magazine Article

  1. elizabethkbaker

    You know, I was JUST thinking about how men would NEVER judge each other like we women do. It’s sad how much we attack each other, when we are supposed to be the caretakers and nurturers.

    And you are right, there are SO many more important issues that society needs to tackle- why are we spending so much energy debating when a woman should stop breastfeeding or if her kid sleeps in his own bed or not?

  2. That article has definitely brought out the stupid on Facebook. Back to educating the masses!

  3. This is a good point.

    Why does a TIme cover aimed at pitting woman against woman work in a way that a Time cover aimed at pitting man against man would not?

    I hadn’t heard of the links you list about men/boys. Not enough buzz.

    Why is that??

    And I still don’t know how to change the conversation 😦

  4. Oh, and BIG congrats on your BlogHer honor.

  5. Congrats on the BlogHer spotlight! That was a great post.

    I think a lot of people (especially politicians) are going to be sorry for making such a huge deal about things like birth control and breastfeeding instead of focusing on real issues. Because guess what? Women vote.

  6. SO proud of your BlogHer spotlight … you are such a brilliant writer … and you have really, really important things to say. I’m humbled to know you. And that’s not just butter.

  7. Love, love, LOVE this post! I hadn’t thought of the father angle – which makes me a little angry at myself. You are absolutely right – we are being bashed left and right by the media and each other, when no one even thinks to question if fathers are doing a good enough job!

    I did not, and will not, read the Time article. I was so offended by the title – as if breastfeeding alone decides if you’re mother enough – and the photo infurriated me. I could care less that some people nurse their kids until they’re 4 or whatever age – but I felt that Time sexualized breastfeeding with that image. That image is going to do NOTHING to make breastfeeding in public more widely accepted. It certainly isn’t going to make people think that nursing until the age of 4 is OK. If anything, it’s going to make people scoff even more at me the next time I need to nurse my son in a public place.

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