Odds and Ends

Shamelessly wishing we were back here…

This weekend was punctuated by the good (seeing Esperanza) the bummer (not seeing Bodega and Izzy) and the ugly. (Me getting food poisoning from a restaurant. Tip to the wise: don’t order anything called “Pink Beans.” Ever.)

This week I dealt with: a sketchy back, a husband still away for work (two weeks), no school for the kids, no relatives around and then food poisoning: yikes. All yesterday, as I prayed to the porcelain god, I blamed myself for my fragile physical condition. Why am I not of the excellent stout peasant constitution I desire so badly? What foods can I eat that would improve things? What additional vitamins can I take? B-12? I now am even doing YOGA, people! ME! To try to improve things.

Anyway, suggestions welcomed.

Lest this blog become “bummer corner,” I’d like to highlight some RAD stuff.

1) First off, only a lucky few have entered the “Faces of ALI” sweepstakes to win Hunter boots, books and crafts. Seriously, your chances of winning are EXCELLENT! Contest closes this Friday.
2) Remember when I announced The Pomegranate Society, which was trying to help ALI bloggers to publish their work, then never really talked about it again? Sorry about that…honestly, the organizational aspects of it totally flummoxed me and I was never able to work out a plan that would work for everyone. HOWEVER, great news: Stirrup Queens launched MFA Sundays, and I highly recommend you all go over there and check it out. I’ll be enrolling: it looks totally amazing.
3) I absolutely LOVED this series by Kathy about the enduring story of the Titanic. Life-affirming, fascinating, with photos of the menu served the day the ship went down and the original New York Times articles BEFORE and after the disaster. Powerful stuff, especially for a history geek like myself. Kathy’s series is what I love most about blogging: the combination of the personal intermingling with the mysteries of life.



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10 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. Ugh, what a week. Sorry about the food poisoning. That’s the worst! I have no magic tips for staying healthy, unfortunately, but if you come up with any, please share. And I’m so looking forward to Mel’s MFA Sunday School! See you there.

  2. Yay that you got to see Esperanza but boo on the food poisoning. Bleh.

    So are you enjoying yoga this time around?

    May I suggest ayurveda? I wrote about it awhile back (http://writemindopenheart.com/2011/08/ayurveda.html). I began living in better ayurvedic alignment (diet and herbs) about a year ago and I just received some very good medical news.

    Has your back begun to feel better?

    • Thank you for reminding me about Ayurveda! I had written that down, then forgot about it…glad to hear about the good medical news 🙂

      My back is better: I’ve been going to a yogini who specializes in restorative yoga. It has made a tremendous difference in the way my body supports my back: she’s training all of my other muscles to better support my lower back. So, Yoga, FTW!

      But you knew that already 😉

  3. Ugh for the food poisoning but everything else sounds great.

    Thanks for the recommendations on things to read. I love yoga – it really does help with your body and its alignment.

    Also, I did post the button on my blog, but I haven’t written a post to go with it yet; I’ll try to get that done later this week.

  4. I keep meaning to add the button to both my blog & my post about your post…..! :p Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning on top of your back issue! 😦 And wish I could have come to make you feel better. Glad Esperanza was there!

  6. I’m so glad yoga is helping and I second looking into ayurveda. Hope this week is better for you.

  7. hats off to you, doing it all alone!

  8. I wish I had a stout, peasant constitution, too. Or hybrid vigor, or something! All I know is I need a lot of sleep – and I ain’t getting it. My only suggestion is nap when you can, and refuse to feel guilty about it. xo

  9. Thank you so much for highlighting my series about the Titanic! I am glad that you enjoyed it! I still need to go back and reply to your comments on the various posts and appreciate the articles that you linked to related to the 100th Anniversary!

    I love yoga and hope that it continues to help your body, as well as your mind and spirit.

    So sorry to hear about your back and the food poisoning. (((HUGS))) I also wish I lived closer so I could visit and try to cheer you up too, but am glad to know Esperanza was there for you. Hang in there!

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