Perfect Moment: Smoke Caught in the Glass

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

My daughter loves to dance.

On vacation, there was a talent show. Ten-year-olds sang songs from such varied sources as Disney’s Tarzan, LMFAO and The Sound of Music.

Suddenly, the MC called my daughter’s name, and my four-year-old little dynamo strode up those stairs onto the stage in front of 50+ vacationers. (Her twin brother, her guard-at-arms, was close on her heels, acting as her bodyguard.)

And she danced. To a tune and rhythm all her own. It was if an unspoilt tropical breeze blew in and took over my daughter’s spirit. But of course, there was no introduced element: it was her own uncynical, carefree soul in its most free form.

And I thought: how honored I was to see this smoke caught in a glass jar: a momentary, blissful joy captured in the wild, even if for just a millisecond of my time here. How privileged am I to have caught a glimpse of this fume in this comely pure shape.

I tried to recapture the moment, here. She is so fluid, so shifting, so molten. She is like how I once was, she is nothing like me. She is she.

Extra bonus: my incredibly terrible cinematography and ugly brass-filled bathroom! Fire extinguisher still on the counter? CHECK!



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12 responses to “Perfect Moment: Smoke Caught in the Glass

  1. Girlfriend’s got moves! Thanks for sharing. That made me smile a big, happy, wonderful, smile.

  2. St. Elsewhere

    We never forget these moments, do we?

    Love her moves!

  3. Ah, where did that innocence go when we were young and free and couldn’t care less how we danced, we just danced.

  4. thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. I love her joyful twirling! 🙂

  6. The older I get, the more capable I feel of returning to that carefree time when you are oblivious to what others think.

    She is she. She is delightful.

  7. TheKirCorner

    oh my goodness, well that just made my whole day. I love that she shakes it up and does her thing. WOW. To be that enraptured again right???

    I am just smiling ..thank you for sharing this.

  8. So cute! I love how free is and how she can dance with such abandon. May she always be able to.

  9. Man, I love that girl (and that little boy). This was exactly a perfect moment. Love it.

  10. So cute! Love that you can appreciate these perfect moments…that’s what life’s all about…

  11. This really made me smile. What a perfect moment.

  12. “She is she.” Love that and really appreciate your perfect moment this month! Your daughter is adorable and as a fellow dancer, it is so fun to see her moving to her own rhythm and beat! Thank you for sharing.

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