Tears and Wishes For Peace

I woke up to an email that broke my heart. Literally. I can’t stop crying.

And, I think that’s the end result of all of this. I don’t want to fight with friends.

I am taking a vacation and will evaluate all of this. Or maybe I will forget about it all. I will continue along with “Faces of ALI” for sure.

Mostly, I just love you all and think every one of you is rad.

I wish everyone peace.



PS: I will be monitoring the comments. Please don’t say anything mean, about anyone. Please. Thanks 🙂

UPDATED AT BOTTOM: I just reread this post after taking a short break, and I want to say that this sounds a bit dramatic. I was feeling a bit dramatic at the time 🙂 Honestly, I heard some truths I needed to, and they were not mean. Want to make sure that was clear. I’m in a more Namaste place, and I am going on an actual vacation in a day. Yay! Thanks for all your well wishes.



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39 responses to “Tears and Wishes For Peace

  1. SRB

    I’m sorry if it was mine, truly. I stand by what I said and feel very sad that it’s no longer out there. Please know how sorry I am for how much you are hurting right now, about all of this.

  2. I hope your vacation brings you peace and relief from this situation. I saw the comment to which I think you refer, and I felt gutted and confused and sad. I can only imagine your reaction upon seeing it.

  3. I am hoping it wasn’t mine either.

    But I wanted you to know that I love you and respect you.

  4. So sorry. I’m just baffled by all of this. It’s probably best a lot of us just take a step back before things get even worse.

  5. This is one of those things that seems to have a snowball effect, just getting bigger and bigger without stopping..
    I truly hope it can come to peace and understanding for all involved – if not now but at least in time. This is just too much. I’m sorry that you and so many here got hurt by the discussion.

    • Thanks. I was trying to broker a peace, and learned: I’d make a terrible diplomat, I suck at it. Good to know: don’t send me to a war-torn region. I hope you are well.

  6. I have your previous post in my reader but did not see the comments before you took it down.

    I agree with Elizabeth — I think it’s time for everyone to just chill for awhile, or maybe change the subject & post about something else. It’s obvious this isn’t something that’s going to be resolved overnight. I am sad it’s gotten so out of hand — but I have been through other controversies when harsh words were exchanged & feelings hurt. They leave their scars, but eventually, things do settle down. I’m sure this one will too.

  7. This post breaks my heart. I’m sorry. You have been putting forth a great deal of very well placed effort to try and bring the diverse camps together. Please try not to take it so hard. As Loribeth says, we will move past this.

  8. Ana

    I am so sorry you were hurt by someone. I hope the vacation helps. I agree, this has gotten way out of hand and I am leaving you this comment hug before I cut myself off from it completely, its consumed way too much of all of our time, energy, and tears.

  9. Pop

    The bamboo not the oak.

  10. I’m so sad to read this. It’s awful that what should have been and continue be a discussion–albeit perhaps a difficult one–has turned into something that has friends making each other cry. And I don’t mean “boo hoo woe is me” cry but real, “you hurt my heart” cry. It’s just awful. And I have to believe that by this time next week, when everyone’s had a little breathing room, there will a lot of apologies for letting things get so far gone. I can only hope that for those willing to give apologies, there will be people willing to accept them.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever commented here before, but I do enjoy your blog ever so much.

  11. Thinking about you and so so worried about you. Also, your dad’s comment made me cry.

  12. First: I love your dad. I love that he reads this.

    Hugs. Maybe it’s worth a step back to let things settle a bit. We’ll be here when you get back ( not sure why I didn’t read you before now? Whatever, I’m here now).


  13. Jjiraffe, I have really enjoyed reading your latest posts, and am sad that the other post was taken down before I even had a chance to comment. Sending you lots of hugs and support. I was also excited about PAIL but now I just don’t know… the whole thing is a political mess and it seems such a pity.. Good for you for trying to achieve peace…

  14. Wordgirl

    Hi you,

    I just wanted to take a minute from my phone so excuse the sucky dictation quality of this comment — to say that I really really really appreciate you and your writing your friendship; I can clearly see you as a broker of peace (autocorrect made you a broker of pizza which goes to show you why dictating comments doesnt work )and that’s how I take what you’ve written thus far. I haven’t been much in the blogging world so it is a situation that I’ve been watching from the sidelines and haven’t really felt like I had much to say about it I just wanted to let you know how I value you and your blog.

    Xo (broker of pizza… Now that’s funny)


  15. Wordgirl

    And I to love your father too… Bamboo and not Oak indeed. Good advice that I’m going to write down somewhere.

  16. Monica

    Wishing you are able to find some clarity and peace while you are on this break. I really look forward to reading your blog….and just know that you have made huge impacts on many of us. We believe in you.

  17. I’m thinking about you and so sad that something like this happened. I love you dearly!

  18. oh sweetie. So sorry. Sending big hugs.

  19. I’m sorry you have been hurt so badly by all of this. You are so level-headed and rational – and that may be making some people uncomfortable during this very heated time. This situation has become so mean-spirited and you have never gone in that direction – and I commend you for that.

    I feel very lucky to have read the post from last night. I thought it was very poignant. You’ll be missed, but I understand the need for a break. Ugh!

  20. I am really sorry you feel this way and have been so hurt. I read and commented on your blog yesterday and I thought it was beautiful. The way it was written had no malice at all and if you were attacked for that – well I am a little shocked.

    I still stand by one of my comments though – your MIL made the cutest little jumper ever and your Dad, well I just fell a little in love with him too.

  21. I’m so sorry you feel like you have to take a vacation. I’ll miss you!

  22. I’m sorry you’re feeling so terribly sad, and I’m also sorry if my comment is one of the things that made you feel that way.

  23. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row

    I hate this! I’m so sorry that someone took it upon themselves to make you feel like crap. Not okay. I hope that you have a blast and come home refreshed. I adore you!

    • Thanks. It was more someone letting me know some hard truths, things I had to realize for myself. It helped me, in the end. Now that the packing is done, I can’t wait!!

  24. I’m sorry that you were hurt by this whole affair … sending you a huge hug … and I hope that the vacation helps … but I hope you’ll respond to my email, too. (I don’t think I was the one who sent the hurtful one, since I just sent mine minutes ago …)

  25. I am glad you are taking an ACTUAL vacation!! I’m glad you are feeling better, & I’m willing to bet you will be feeling even more so when you return! (((hugs)))

  26. Namaste. Enjoy your vacay!

    (Wee bit jealous here. I’ll enjoy it vicariously through you, though, K?)

  27. Mel

    I’m glad you got to a place of namaste before the vacation.
    May it be the space you need to come back and jump right into writing, Faces of ALI, and everything else.

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