Boogie Nights, Titanic and Other Thoughts About 90s Movies

Image from The Flick Chick.

Darcy won’t watch movies more than once. You can imagine that this limits us. I tend to think that the late 90s was a FANTASTIC time for films. Last night we saw “Titanic”. This is only the second time I saw it since it came out in 1997. My family has a tradition of seeing movies on Christmas Day. I remember seeing “Sense and Sensibility” with my parents in 1995. I was dating a douchey guy at the time, a guy who resembled Willowby. He’s still like Willowby: if there is a modern day equivalent of being scandalous and gambling and not committing to a girl unless she’s a rich heiress or whatever nebulous activity Willowby was engaged in. My ex is still like that. In his early 40s. Those English lords who are, uh, wastrels? Yeah, they still exist today in modern society.

I’m sort of a stuffed shirt mid-western type (can I say that without being offensive?) and so, it’s a bit shocking that I have had a past history associating with a wastrel and that one of my favorite movies of all time is “Boogie Nights”, a morality tale set in the pornographic industry in the “Valley” of Southern California. The lesson? Don’t be pompous and presume hubris when all you have is a career in adult films. Incredible camera work and the soundtrack improve viewing immensely.

“Titanic” imparts similar lessons, right? The engineering power of man is limited. I actually think that movie has aged well. I know there was a huge uproar about the silly dialogue, but I will risk hipster scorn by saying: is it any different, really, than my beloved “Downton Abbey?” No, not really. I love to remind my brother that he made my poor, long-suffering mother see this movie, while my Dad and I were blown away by “Titanic.” Yep, that’s right, that movie blew me away.

Anyway, my favorite movie of the late 90s is “English Patient.” And I am making Darcy see it tomorrow.

Yay, 90s!



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7 responses to “Boogie Nights, Titanic and Other Thoughts About 90s Movies

  1. I love The English Patient too! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, but I still bawl my eyes out. And the cave paintings are so beautiful.

  2. Sarah

    I’ve still never seen The English Patient! I did love Titanic, though :). I’m a sucker for Leo, and think he’s a quality actor, despite the cheesy role. I always claim the girl card – I love me some sweet, sappy girly movies!

  3. I have fond memories of Titanic — I was newly pregnant, my mom was visiting, it had just won at the Oscars & we went to see it together. (And I didn’t even have to go to the bathroom once the whole 3+ hours, lol.) Cheesy story & dialogue, yes, but amazing sets & costumes, and the special effects just blew me away. When they showed that amazing shot as the ship left Ireland, sweeping down the length of the ship, over the decks, & then steaming off into the sunset (& to its doom), I was gulping back tears. It was just so beautiful and so REAL. I can see why it became legendary.

    The Marine Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax has a fabulous Titanic exhibit (and is just a great all-round museum). I was there in November 1997 just before the movie opened — & the exhibit was CLOSED — they were sprucing it up for a movie tie-in. Dh & I finally got to see it when we were there in October 2010.

  4. I love The English Patient! That is probably one of the few movies I’ve seen more than once- such gorgeous scenery.

  5. I LOVE The English Patient. Almost as much as I loved the book. And that’s saying a lot! When I finally got my husband to watch it with me, he was like, “eh,” and I wanted to punch him (actually, I may have done that–lightly).

  6. Am I the only one that didn’t really like Titanic? It’s been a long time since I have seen The English Patient. I will have to see it soon.

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