Listen to Amazing Fertility Experts and Bloggers (and Me) For FREE!

I’m seriously honored and thrilled that I will be a speaker as part of Sarah Holland’s Fertility Focus Telesummit 2012!

There is a RAD roster of fertility experts speaking at this event, and you can listen to them all FOR FREE! I absolutely adore this idea, because so many of you have told me how difficult it is, either geographically or financially (or both), to get in touch with the experts you need to get more information about your infertility. I hope that this resource can help those of you looking TTC, whether it’s from a traditional medical viewpoint or from a nutritional or eastern medicine standpoint, or you’re wondering how to combine different types of treatments. In addition to listening to the experts, you can have the opportunity to have questions answered.

You can join the event by either listening over the phone or via webcast.

This is the third year of the event, and last year 4,000 people “attended”.

In addition to the experts, two TOTALLY RAD bloggers are speaking, and I am seriously blushing that I have been asked to join them. Keiko Zoll, from Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed (SOON TO BE THE INFERTILITY VOICE!) and Single Infertile Female will also be speaking about their own experiences with infertility. I am a huge fan of both of their work, so to be grouped together with them? SQUEE!

The Fertility Focus Telesummit goes from March 12-18, 2012.

Here’s speakers I think might be super helpful:
Dr. Michael Dooley – An Integrated Approach to Fertility Management.
Hethir Rodriguez – How to Use Herbs to Promote Ovulation, Balance Your Hormones, Prevent Miscarriage and Boost Your Fertility Naturally.
Dr. Marilyn Glenville – Fertility Facts: Using An Integrated Approach To Getting And Staying Pregnant By Combining The Best Of Both Worlds With Conventional And Nutritional Medicine.
Iva Keene – Proven Strategies to Maximise your IVF Success with Natural Fertility.
Sarah Holland – EFT for Fertility: Reduce the Overwhelm of Emotions and Discover a Positive Way Towards Pregnancy and Parenthood.

The Bloggers will be speaking on Saturday, March 17th: you can listen to my interview for 24 hours starting at at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, 10pm UK time

Want to sign up? Click HERE! Enter your information. And please let me know if you have any questions!


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7 responses to “Listen to Amazing Fertility Experts and Bloggers (and Me) For FREE!

  1. Yay, I’m so glad you are one of the bloggers to be interviewed. I listened last year and it’s a great resource with lots of good information.

  2. SO glad your blog is back up and running! Can’t wait to hear your interview!

  3. *small virtual parade through the comments section*

    Thank Gd your blog is back up. I would have cried for you if it went away forever. Can’t wait to hear your interview and so thrilled we’re all doing this together!

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