Things That Are Bugging Me Now, Part Two

– Having to write blog posts on a phone
– The fact that my downstairs is a literal shitstorm
– The unfortunate tendency of Darcy to get the worst songs stuck in his head. He sings them out loud and tortures me. Often.
– He’s had the ever-classy club anthem “Sexy Chick” in his head. FOR TWO YEARS!
– Poverty
– David Guetta
– George Clooney’s date’s dress. Yuck.
– Injustice
– Laundry
– My need to eat. And eat. And eat.
– My lack of desire to work out. Ever.
– The realization I’m turning 40 this year. Boo.
– The popularity of beets. They taste like feet.

What’s bugging you?



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12 responses to “Things That Are Bugging Me Now, Part Two

  1. I love that song. I do.

    My husband has been walking around the past two weeks telling me he misses the rains down in Africa so that song gets stuck in my head. He thinks it’s great fun.

    Writers block bugs me.

  2. Not having enough time to blog and really getting into IComLeavWe is really bugging me! Laundry was bugging me yesterday. The hubby was supposed to do it, but ended up being gone all day so I was stuck with it 🙂

    ICLW #26

  3. The Pope’s statement regarding IVF. And work.

    Oh, and now I have the rain in Africa song in my head, too 😉

    Hope you’ll get that shitstorm fixed up soon and a computer working again!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Sexy Chick” before. Or maybe I have but blocked it out? Work is bugging me right now. I’m feeling extra snarky today.

  5. Sorry about the basement. Totally sucks
    Damn, now it’s Rain in Africa.
    Baby X takes 1/2 hr naps
    The fact that Frea.konomics is due and I’m less than halfway done
    The screw that was in my tire making me late to work
    2 out of town weddings back to back
    I could go on for days….

    I could go on for days!

  6. Yuck. I think a downstairs full of sewage would make everything bug me. Still, your lists make me laugh.

    Me? Um…that my kids will be home in a moment and I haven’t finished watching this episode of Dexter yet (Season 5).

    That new book out about JFK’s affair with a 19-year-old intern.

    That you are turning 40 this year, and it’s in my rearview mirror.

    “Rachel” from cardholder services.

  7. I hope a few of those things get crossed off your list soon!

    As for mine:
    *certain parents I work with ending up back in jail or not cooperating with family services
    *boredom at work
    *the possibility of more boredom at work tomorrow
    *laundry (seriously, why does it just keep coming?)
    *low blood sugar (gotta get a snack!)

  8. I LOVE beets. Seriously. What’s not to like? My feet do not taste like that.

    Sorry about the ongoing shitstorm. Huge bummer.

  9. First… you sparked my imagination and inner commedian with this post. Long time reader.. first time commenter.

    #1 on my annoyance list… irregularity. Whether bowels, cycle or drive to work out. I just like to know what I’m up against or what’s gonna work in my favor day to day.

    #2 people who think they already know everything befcore you even finnish the sentence. Just maybe I wasn’t going down the road you think I was, ya know?!

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