Pinterest Power

When bad things happen, I tend to nest. I am horrible at interior design myself, but appreciate the good work of others. So, Pinterest has been a retreat of sorts: I can pin some lovely photos of “inspirations” and dream of someday making my home lovely. Because right now between the sewage spill, fans blowing 24 hours and our general decor of frat guy meets random in-law castoffs, I’m feeling our house is not too far from the horror cases featured on “Hoarders”.

I also set up a bulletin board for “Faces of ALI”, too 🙂 Any repins or likes would be RAD. Also, I’d love to follow you over there: I’m here.

Are you on Pinterest? Do you like it? Or are you worried about getting sucked into a time wasting nightmare?



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3 responses to “Pinterest Power

  1. Oh lord, I LOVE pinterest. I waste so much time on pinterest pretending to be crafty, a foodie, or fit, instead of knitting, cooking or working out. It’s actually sad. But I still love it!

  2. Pinterest is the best! I spend time on there, but not more than I should. I have gotten so many amazing recipes from there. I love the idea of pinning “faces of ALI”! Great idea.

  3. I’m on Pinterest — finally caved. A lot of my scrapbooking friends online were into it — I resisted for a long time. ; ) It is fun. I don’t go on very often, maybe once a week, but when I do, Im on there for the entire evening. :p I will be following you there shortly. ; )

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