Bloggy Batsignal Activated!

Last night, I received the worst kind of news. One of our own beloved bloggers is in a terrible situation.

You probably know Mommy Odyssey: she is one of the very best writers in the ALI community. She’s also gone through three miscarriages and a very difficult pregnancy.

Yesterday, at 22 weeks, her water broke. She’s in the hospital where they are hoping for a miracle.

Some of us are collecting comments for her, including me. If you would like to post a message of love and support for her below, I will make sure she gets it ASAP. You can also email her directly at

Mo, we love you and you are in our hearts.

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18 responses to “Bloggy Batsignal Activated!

  1. Amy

    Hoping like hell that the Flying Spaghetti Monster grants you that miracle, Mo. Much love – holding you and the Schmaby as close as the internet will allow.

  2. I’m emailing with Rachel at Eggs in a Row.. sending so much love and light.. and most of all hope.

  3. How awful 😦 I’m sending her hope and strength, and they are all in my thoughts.

  4. So awful and UNFAIR! I’ll be holding them close in my heart.

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  6. Thank you for calling this out. I am praying for MO.

  7. Esperanza mentioned this to me last night, and I’ve been thinking about her ever since. There may already be news that I don’t know about … but I am hoping with ever fiber in my body for a miracle for her.

  8. veetamia

    Sending Mo love & support, and hoping for a miracle ♥

  9. Jem

    Please send Mo my love. She’s in my thoughts and prayers.

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  11. Just awful, they have been through enough already!

  12. Praying without ceasing for Mo and her little Shmaby. Where two or more are gathered… so many people praying and sending positive thoughts out for Mo!

  13. I have been thinking about Mo and her baby boy all night and all morning. I hope with all my heart that he gets to stay with his mama a little longer and that the leak slowed down.

  14. So unfair! I’m sending good thoughts her way.

  15. Aww, sending all the very best of the best to Mo, Schmerson and Schmaby. You know, I was even dreaming about her last night. So sorry they’re going through this

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  17. So much love, and many prayers, for healing on this difficult path she is walking. Though I have not followed her, I consider us all sisters in this very rough terraine to motherhood.

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