Cleaning Closets

Kristin inspired me.

I may be neat, but often that’s because I just shove a bunch of clutter into my closets, out of the way. Another problem is I have been totally hoarding my kids’ clothes. I just couldn’t allow myself to give them up. I know it’s dumb, but by giving up baby clothes I know I am fully committing even more to no more kids. Plus, the wee onsies and PJs with feet just have a number of lovely memories.

But I have seen “Hoarders” and I know down this path is a whole lot of mental illness and a roach infestation so disgusting that I shudder even to remember that nastiness. That’s how my brain works, by the way. Me holding onto baby overalls and t-shirts WILL LEAD TO THIS.

I did some awesome work. AND FOUND OUT MY LINEN CLOSET FLOOR IS HARDWOOD. I had no idea.

But first, sadness. I may need a moment of silence for the donations. SOB.



There are coordinated outfits on those hangers! Whether my daughter chooses to wear my handiwork, eh. Probably not.

Still to go:

And, sigh.

That’s a faux fur, in case you were worried.

Do you have a hard time parting with things? Why do we have such strong emotional ties to things?



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11 responses to “Cleaning Closets

  1. Ohh. Good work! I need to do the same thing with MY clothes and other household stuff. I love the way it feels once it’s done but I hate to actually do it.

  2. I tend to err on the drastic side of asceticism. 😉 But: I went to a clothing swap hosted by a friend recently, and it was so much fun! I try to give my son’s and daughter’s clothes away pretty quickly to people who can use them, and it was great to “refresh” my own closet, too. Any leftover clothes from the swap were donated, so we felt a little less alone in letting go.

  3. Fabulous work! I am incredibly impressed.

    I totally understand how hard it is to part with the clothes. I am lucky in that I get to store all of Isa’s clothes at my in-laws house until we’ve had another baby. Then I’m going to have to decide, as baby #2 grows out of each set, what will be done with them. Do I give them away and admit that our family is complete? Or do I hold on to them, hoping against hope that we can have another baby somehow. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’m glad I don’t have to figure it out just yet.

    As for attaching sentimental value to things, I used to do that all the time but I’ve gotten a lot better at it. I have so little space right now and I very much want it to be less cluttered, I’m getting great at just giving stuff away. In the Joy of Less, she recommends taking a picture of something you really love, so you can remember it without it taking up space. I’ve done that with a few things and with others I’ve realized that I don’t have to. Maybe you can do that with some of the twins clothes, or other baby things that are hard to let go off – that way you can still look back on them fondly and know you won’t forget them!

  4. You’ve done an amazing job so far! This is something I really need to do, and it’s not that I hold on to so many things out of sentiment, it’s just the chore of actually sorting, tossing, giving away, and re-organizing. I’m not a naturally organized person, so it’s a lot of work for me.

    Just think how many little kiddos are going to get some cute new stuff out of what you’re donating, instead of it just taking up space in a closet! Good for you!

  5. I am a champ at getting rid of the twins’ clothes because all of Burrito’s clothes are instant hand-me-downs to his cousin who is just barely behind him in size, and Tamale’s clothes go to a family friend (who will then pass them on to any nieces I have in the future). Their closets are beautifully organized and look rather empty even though they both have a ton of clothes. It is glorious.

    For me, though, it’s another story. I have all sorts of clothes which don’t fit anymore and may never fit again, and if they ever fit someday I may not want to wear them anyway, but I don’t get rid of them. I got rid of my maternity clothes only because my SIL was pregnant, otherwise even though there is no expectation that I’ll ever be pg again, I would have kept them forever (and okay I do have my maternity pjs still, and use them all the time).

    Once I started having lots of storage space, holding on to other stuff like appliances I don’t use (for example, I have not used that rice cooker in 8 years since on the rare occasion I make rice I just use a pot, but I keep it anyway) became less hassle than getting rid of it. The recent move did prompt us to donate or otherwise get rid of a bunch of things since packing them and moving them both cost money, but not nearly enough. Now when unpacking I come across stuff where I’m like, “This? I haven’t seen this in 10 years. I didn’t want it then and I don’t want it now.”

  6. I’m impressed! I used to be a horrible pack rat. I would keep everything and had little memories tied to everything. I finally got tired of the clutter and really got rid of a ton of stuff before we got married and moved into our house. I have learned to hold onto the memory and not the item. It is always a work in progress. We really go through things once a year and get rid of things we have not been using or are just taking up too much space.

  7. Big time, as a matter of fact I think I have an emotional attachment to everyones stuff. Like when my girlfriend got rid of a shirt I used to love and borrow frequently of hers… I was so upset. And just looking at that pile of children’s clothing I feel the need to say WAIT, I MIGHT WANT THOSE!!! But, I’m WAY ahead of myself and that would only lead to some insane hoarding. Maybe for fun, I’ll post a picture of my “dressing room” some day (which is actually the hopefully someday nursery that has become my incredibly over sized closet). It’s really bad. But at least I keep it all in there so the rest of the house looks kept up 🙂

  8. I don’t. I love throwing things away. It makes me feel relieved. Liberated. Free. If I feel too sentimental about something, I take a photo and blog about it in my other blog.
    I know someone who cannot even throw away condoms that are past their best before date…

  9. K

    Very nice! I’m really good about getting rid of things…possibly too good, there are items I’ve thrown out that I now wish I hadn’t. I guess rather than hanging on to things that I feel good about, I strive to get rid of things that I even somewhat associate with pain. But then again, no kids yet. I have a feeling I’ll be a little more towards the hanging on side of things when I have lot’s of little outfits, stuffed animals, and blankies with happy associations.

  10. Oh, that video is so crazy. 3 inches of roaches in a can! TERRIFYING. Now, I feel like I need to go clean something.

    Your closets look great!

  11. (raising my hand) I have a hard time parting with things. I have gotten much better in recent years — partly under pressure/nagging from dh ; ) & partly because, the older you get, the more stuff you accumulate, & the more you begin to realize that you simply CANNOT KEEP ALL THIS STUFF.

    My theory is that, when I was growing up, my surroundings changed (i.e., we moved) every 3-5 years or so — so i tended to cling to my “stuff” which was old & familiar. By contrast, dh & his family moved into their house when he was a toddler & lived there until we got married. His mother never kept anything — he doesn’t even have his high school yearbooks.

    One trick I’ve found about favourite old outfits or keepsake items: take a picture of it before you give it away. These days, the only space that has to take up is on your computer. ; )

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