What It’s Like Here

Do you read Bloodsigns? She is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever come across. Sometimes after I read her posts, I sit, stupefied, stunned. Esperanza and I joke that many times we just can’t comment on her posts because we don’t want to sully the page with our banal observations.

She had a meme last month that I loved, but I never got my act together to join in. I hope it’s not too late.

She says:

“I am fascinated by life where they are — where all of you are no matter what country — what life is LIKE there…and I thought I’d try to do a picture post trying to capture the essence of this part of the United States… at least for us, this is what it’s like here…”

So. Here’s what it is like in our corner of Northern California at this moment.


We eat a lot of rainbow chard right now.

Sometimes, we go to Dim Sum at Ton Kiang in the City. That’s where Darcy and I had our rehearsal dinner.

Darcy has been experimenting a lot in the kitchen.

This was delicious, like most of the dishes he’s made.


We went on a hike to see the salmon run at Samuel P. Taylor park. They, er, didn’t. At least not while we were there.


For Tu Bishvat, the twins made these “trees” at school.

Every year, MIL makes a Valentine’s Day sweater for the kids. This year’s model, for my son.


My son loves to play minature golf with Darcy.


Remember Copernicus? He has company. He’d like to give us a hug. And eat the marrow out of our bones.



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7 responses to “What It’s Like Here

  1. i do read Bloodsigns, & heartily agree with you (especially about sullying the page with banal observations, lol). This looks fun, I may eventually do it myself.

  2. Sarah

    Love that sweater! Absolutely adorable. And yum, that dinner looks delish. Love the pics :).

  3. J!!!!

    EEEEEEK! I’m speechless by your kind words here…and suddenly incredibly shy. I’ve been trying to write a response from my phone since I first saw this (I’ve been away from my computer and just now am using G’s work computer in the basement) — first of all — I love the photos and I will update a link page soon — second of all — you are way too kind. I adore your blog and Esperanza’s as well and I lurk far more than I comment even when I INTEND to comment …. things are a little intense in this corner of the world right now but I look forward to peeking my head out more.

    I knew something was up when my subscribers went from three to nine! (hahahahaa.) I better run — my two year old has somehow figured out how to access Maxwell the Geico Pig on my phone when I can’t even figure out how to comment on blogs with it… oh, and in fact when I just went to check on her she had navigated somehow to the tweet page sending all of my twitter followers her favorite Geico dancing Hamster commercial.



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  5. So cool – I’m kind of in awe of that sweater! I love the photo of you with your daughter.

  6. Love the pics! That sweater is so cool! Maybe just cuz I like dinos. Such a sweet pic of you and your daughter.

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