Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Can I just stand on my chair and applaud you all? You are RAD!

I asked for links: you made them. I asked for tweets: you, er, tweeted. You even pinned the post!

So far, Sarah’s post has been read by almost 800 people. Courtney’s post has now surpassed a thousand hits.

You also posted this story on your Facebook pages. I know this because most of the traffic is coming from Facebook. I’m pretty sure that means our non-ALI friends and family are reading?

So here’s the deal: IF Sarah’s post gets viewed 1,000 times, I WILL TELL YOU MY MOST EMBARRASSING EXERCISE CLASS STORY EVER! Click here and here for my other experiences. The worst one of all is seriously a doozy and I would NEVER tell anyone and be happy with the rest of my life. But this series means that much.

Also, I think that this quote, from The Hardest Quest, sums up better than anything what Faces of ALI is trying to combat:

“Infertility is a terrible disease. It is one that is often nameless. Faceless. The names are unknown. The faces are featureless. It becomes a mere entity. Something to deal with. Infertility is a disease that so many people cannot understand or relate to, and that does not work in our favour.”

So please keep linking and Facebooking and tweeting and pinning! And thank you. Seriously. I am humbled and honored by you.

PS: Here is a smart comment, from Brenda:

“What would be great for Pinterest would be to make a blog button for it. For example, make a blog button that says: “Faces and Stories of Adoption/Loss/Infertility” and include that in the articles. When someone pins your article, they can use the blog button so others looking through pinterest photos will know what is behind the photo. Using regular photos like those in your articles (as beautiful as they are) may not draw people in because they won’t know what is behind the photo.”

Can anyone help me take this on? Um, like say, Illustrator Queens?



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3 responses to “Ask And Ye Shall Receive

  1. Yay!!! I’m so happy. One of my readers who doesn’t suffer from IF (as far as I know), told me she has added your blog, Courtney’s & Sarah’s to her reading list.

    I also just put a link on FB…thanks for the reminder! You’re doing important work!

  2. No way! I’m so happy, not just for you, but for this community. I never say this word, but I feel compelled to second your statement: you guys (we are) RAD!

    And I’d love be honored to design the button if you’ll have me.

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