The Most Boring Blog Post Ever

Day four of NAPOLTHINGAMAJIG and I am already resorting to a post about my hair.

I promised Bodega Bliss I would get my hair cut. It’s…been awhile.

Why is it that the day you have an appointment at the salon, your hair is full of body and generally cooperates for the first time EVER? And you’re like, eh? I could deal with this a while longer?

This is the before shot of my hair and it DIDN’T EVEN LOOK THAT BAD.

This is not a representational photo. I have Judas hair. Right before it gets cut, it betrays me and looks good. IT KNOWS.

Now, my hair is cut. And, er, enhanced. SEE BODEGA!!!

I do feel much better. And, yes that’s a fire extinguisher on my bathroom counter. What, you don’t keep yours there? You don’t worry about the wiring in your bathroom fixtures short-circuiting because of some off-the-cuff remark an electrician made five years ago?

(Off-Topic: I usually am totally annoyed by the sailing stickers on people’s Range Rovers and such. You might as well say, I OWN A BOAT! But since I read this post again, I’ve been thinking, huh. Maybe I should befriend that family. You know, in case the super volcano explodes and I need to hijack a boat and sail to an island with seeds, vitamins and MUSHROOMS.)

Because this post was breathtakingly shallow, I’d like to direct your attention to something we all need to read.

And thank you everyone for your remarks on yesterday’s post about The Vikings. Every comment made me smile and think and I keep going back to them and rereading them. I think I might use post-its of what you said as daily affirmations.



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7 responses to “The Most Boring Blog Post Ever

  1. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row

    You are incredibly hot, the fire extinguisher made sense. 😉

  2. youroldmama

    Very funny post, Chickadee.

  3. Totally digging the hair!

  4. Love the hair! Getting haircuts is another one of those things I suck at making appointments for, along with the doctor and dentist. Also, I just hate having to make small talk with the salon girl. I suck at small talk almost as much as i suck at making appointments. But back to you – this post made me smile, thanks 🙂

  5. Yay! I’m so glad you did it. You get an A+ on your homework for this week. And for the record, guys, I didn’t think she needed a haircut, she just really wanted one and I thought it would make her feel better, so I demanded she do it this week. Just didn’t want any of you thinking I thought she needed a spruce up because that is not the case! I just wanted her to feel better. J, do you feel better? You look fantastic. 😉

  6. Oooooh! So cute! I love! Also, I love how much concentration you’re putting into taking that picture of yourself! 😀

    You are one hot mama!

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