SUPER Volcanoes And Why I Hate Them (UPDATED! SEE BELOW)

People are often amused when I tell them what scares me.

2. Meteors

We live in earthquake country out here. I’ve even been in a big one (Loma Prieta) that knocked me down a flight of stairs. It was scary.


Let me ‘splain.

Anyone who’s been to Yellowstone has probably seen this stuff.

So pretty! Look at Old Faithful burst! Wow!

(Photos copyrighted: The Nation Weblog)


Those geysers and pretty rings are the very surface of a super volcano. Not a regular volcano like Mount St. Helens. Oh, no.


What is a super volcano, you are wondering.


“Is the world’s largest super-volcano set to erupt for the first time in 600,000 years, wiping out two-thirds of the U.S.?”

SEE? Granted, that’s from The Daily Mail. BUT STILL!

What can we do?

Nothing, really. I mean, granted, the coupon collectors and people with the storerooms full of Diet Mountain Dew and off-brand anti-perspirants and discontinued mascara are PROBABLY AT AN ADVANTAGE. Right? The first thing CVS will be out of is Cover Girl’s Longest Lasting Lashes. I mean, people have priorities!

Image copyrighted by TLC.

What are you afraid of?

UPDATED: I once bookmarked this page because it was hilarious. Also, because it told me how to survive a super volcano eruption: “Head to coast, hijack ship to island in the middle of nowhere with seeds, vitamins and mushrooms.”



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13 responses to “SUPER Volcanoes And Why I Hate Them (UPDATED! SEE BELOW)

  1. I don’t even want to click on that link to the article on super volcanos, because I know it will scare the shit out of me. So I’ll just acknowledge their existence, then continue to ignore them.

    I’m really scared of fire. More specifically, I’m scared of my house catching on fire while my dog is there and I’m not. I don’t care about anything else in that house going up in flames, but if my dog were to be in there and I wasn’t there, I’d have a difficult time continuing.

    And now I’m scared that that’s going to come true because I put it in words on a screen. I am a piece of work.

    • “So I’ll just acknowledge their existence, then continue to ignore them.”

      Seriously, that is an EXCELLENT PLAN. I think I’ll join you.

      Sorry about the fire worry. I think acknowledging it makes it better. That way, fires and super volcanoes don’t win in the battle of our mind. Or something.

  2. Esperanza

    What am I afraid of? Well now super volcanoes, obviously!

    I’m afraid of, well mostly I’m afraid of not being strong enough, of not being able to handle something.

    And I’m afraid of death. My own and that of the people I love.

    My irrational fear is of flying bugs. CAN. NOT. STAND. THEM. If a moth flies into my face I scream like I’m being tortured. It’s truly terrifying (my reaction, not the bugs).

  3. Airplane crashes! I can handle the thought of being dead but not the terrifying minutes before I die in an airplane crash. Just typing this is making my palms sweaty so I’ll stop thinking about it now.

  4. Well dang! Supervolcanoes of course! Man. I will not be sleeping tonight!

    And cars. I’m fine with planes, bikes, trains, and other forms of transportation, but cars terrify me. Not driving them so much as having other people drive them while in the same town as me.

  5. Oh no. Please don’t tell me those Extreme Couponers will be the only ones to survive! So totally not survival of the fittest. Darwin would have a fit.

    I’m a sucker for those disaster shows & think I could quote from the one on super volcanoes! I’m afraid of tornadoes & super massive black holes. Also the fact that the moon is slowly moving away from the Earth. Have you seen “What if we had no moon?” Terrifying!

  6. K

    Possibly the lamest answer ever but, seriously, I’m afraid of the dark. If my husband didn’t object I would sleep with the light on. And when the lights are off and I’m going to bed, I’m still afraid that under-the-bed monsters are going to grab my feet.

  7. Tornadoes. And Bigfoot. And ‘Fire in the Sky’ aliens. I will now be losing sleep tonight.

  8. mine is a weird one
    having spent my childhood in the USSR, I am afraid of nuclear war and nuclear missiles. I remember being afraid of a too loud an airplane, thinking: this is it, a missile coming to turn Moscow into a cloud of dust! I still have those fears.

    Other than that? I still might make a round and check closet and look under the beds if it’s dark and I am home alone. I’m afraid of painful, slow terminal illnesses. Small prop planes make me panic.

    • Oh, and having lived in Israel, I am still terrified of explosions. Certain people – even here, in Canada – make me suspect them as suicide bombers. Sometimes to the point of taking another subway car or even train.

      And unattended bags and stuff freak me out, for the same reason.

  9. The super volcano would wipe out my state. Thanks for the reminder. :p

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  11. Stefy

    Ok so I found this after I googled “I’m affraid of volcanos”.I’m superscared of volcanos,I have a phobia of spiders-and I’m affraid of plane crashes.However I’m more scared of volcanos than anything else.I wish volcanos didn’t exist:|

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