NaBloMoWTFRAD: Day One

I’m going to lose any cred I have here (read: I have none) by saying that I read “Eat Pray Love” and liked it. Sorry, Esperanza.

The best line in the whole book was this: Elizabeth Gilbert was going through a hard time, and someone noticed she had put on lipstick.

She responded: “Project Self Esteem: Day Fucking One.”

I have to admit that there are hopes that this writing project will help me out of a personal rut. I’m not feeling super duper great about myself. I really don’t think any woman does. I hung out with a mom today who looks like a supermodel. She didn’t seem super confident, either.


What do I talk about when I don’t have an Athena post bursting out of my brain? (Which is why I always write.) TM AprilV

What do you guys think about Lana Del Rey? Poseur? Savant? Daddy’s money buys fame and plastic surgery? I actually kinda like her. “Video Games” is haunting my brain. But I love that noir/LA Confidential/Old Hollywood crap. I used to be obsessed with Hollywood. I used to drive down there on occasion when I went to school nearby. I went to a super fancy party in Pacific Palisades with my super fancy journalist dad. Dean Cain was there. Sherry Lansing was there. This guy hosted. Some moviemaker I’d never heard of told me if got implants, I’d be a star. *Eyeroll*

Why does Joan Didion live there?

Also, why is there a no man’s land in the importance of women between the ages of 40 – 80? When you are 80, you can be saucy and important and be the Dowager Countess and wear lace jackets and Chanel suits and say, “Darling, where IS my cocktail ring?” Like my husband’s grandmother. She was romanced by the scion of a famous Hollywood empire builder HER ENTIRE LIFE. Even after she was married and had kids he never married and remembered her until he died and sent her letters. Maybe he was secretly gay.

But it’s hard to explain how really RAD Darcy’s grandmother was.

She also did this. Third story down. That was my first real writing gig on the Internet. The typos are ALL MINE.

So when I turn 40 and become invisible, I imagine I need to develop some sort of skill.

I have been attempting to cook.

Tonight I poached Salmon in white wine with fennel from our garden and Kosher salt. It was good.

I also made KALE. Yes, Kale is RAD. I love it. It tastes good and it is good for you! How could this be?

Heidi Swanson’s a genius. My husband knows her and brought me her cookbook. I WAS HIGHLY SKEPTICAL! But her healthy recipes don’t taste like sprouts and gross “food” I used to eat with this one friend who went to Humboldt State AND NOT TO ENJOY THE EXPORTS OF THAT AREA, but to make the world a better place. By eating her bean sprout and lentil soup that she MADE in her Thermos and listening to Tracy Chapman. She was embarrassed to be associated with me eventually (college should be FUN?!) and dumped me as a friend. Rightfully so. I am sure.

Anyway, I made this.

Yay, me.




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13 responses to “NaBloMoWTFRAD: Day One

  1. I liked Eat Pray Love, too. 🙂 Elizabeth Gilbert lives not far from me, and I keep hoping that some day I will run into her at my yoga studio, which is in her town. 😉
    And: your husband KNOWS Heidi Swanson? I am humbled. Yes, she is a genius.
    Elegant meal, Darling. 🙂

    • Darcy has been bugging me to cook one of her recipes forever (they know each other through work). I have had this aversion to health food ever since thermos girl. Really silly 🙂

      I hope you run into Elizabeth Gilbert someday at yoga!

  2. I’m a wee bit embarrassed to admit that I liked Eat, Pray, Love too. Go Project Self-Esteem! I’m
    not sure what I think about Lana Del Rey. I hadn’t heard of her until the SNL debacle (I’m embarrassingly out of it).

    • kh99, I hadn’t either, but I just watched the snl performance on YouTube and I don’t see what all the fuss was about. It’s obvious she was just nervous…her voice is still beautiful and haunting. I was expecting another Ashlee Simpson when I googled it. It was no where close to that debacle. J, you need to play her stuff for me sometime, I have a feeling I’d really like her (also, we seem to have very similar taste in music!).

  3. Esperanza

    I never thought about it before but it’s true, you really are kind of invisible between the ages of 40 and 80. That is probably why all the women in Hollywood who are over 40 are getting a ton of work done so they can keep pretending to be 40.

    Haha! You liked Eat, Pray, Love. Did you like the movie too? I heard it was awful but I’ve always secretly wanted to see it. Maybe some day when it’s free on cable and B is away… 😉

    I do like that line though. I’ll give Gilbert that one.

  4. Well, you’re not alone. I read that book and liked it, too. I got hooked up from line one, where she’s crying on a bathroom floor. That is EXACTLY what I was going through in the last month of my marriage #1. Crying on the bathroom floor.

    And I so totally get what and why she did…

    Hmm, now you made me think. I have never ever considered the post-40 no-man’s land. Perhaps because I feel so lucky to live in Canada, while in my motherland Russia “women after 30” sounds almost like “women over 50” here. Seriously.

    But now I will have to think ahead, too. What will I be in 7.5 years?..

  5. Good job on the cooking. Looks yummy! And I liked Eat Pray Love–the book. I refuse to see the movie.

  6. Ive had some seriously amazing meals in Humboldt, and not because of the munchies. Those hippies know how to cook! And your kale looks amaaaazing! For thanksgiving this year I did cooked kale with dried cranberries and pine nuts. It was delish and surprisingly a hit despite my non healthy loving fam. Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. I really like the book Eat Pray Love and also loved the movie. So much I could see it again some time. That fish looks yum.

  8. Hey, I just made that same kale dish from her cookbook last week! I loooooooved it. I added sliced almonds to it as well, and I felt like it was a great addition. I hope the dinner went well. 😉

    That thank you note is insane. I would have kept it, too. Oh, and I loved the book as well. The movie was horrible…but the book, I’d read again (and have, I believe).

  9. Never read Eat, Pray, Love so I don’t know if it’s good. The movie had Julia Roberts which was enough for me to stay away. I just turned 40 so now you are depressing me. Actually I think we become invisible because we are so busy taking care of everyone else. Usually, we are no longer new moms. We’ve been doing it for awhile. But our kids aren’t gone and now our parents need help too. Who has time to be visible with all that going on? Not me.

  10. I loved Eat Pray Love..and read the book twice. (espcially the India part) ..Kept thinking I would get this amazing life lesson from one of her witty remarks and it would change my life. Didn’t happen and my life is just fine. Love your blog!

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