The Gods of Twin Illness

I have friends, a husband and wife, whose twins (naturally conceived) were two when I got pregnant with our twins. We decided to do our big reveal at a party where a number of our friends, including this couple, had gathered. These were friends who we had struggled to be around during our voyage through infertility. They were all very fertile and were working on their second child. This was, to be honest, kind of a triumph that I was looking forward to. We had it all rehearsed.

“We’re pregnant! And not just with one, but two babies!” we exclaimed. This was one of the few times I left the house during that pregnancy. I wanted to see those fertile faces go into shock, then see them pass around cigars, burst into song (“This Woman’s Work” would have done nicely) and a round of hugs and backslapping would have been swell.

Instead, we caused jaws to drop. Literally. And when I looked over at my friends, the twins parents, they were silent for a good few minutes. The mom turned several shades paler than her normal olive skin tone. And she said: “There will be times, like when they get sick, when you will want to cry to the gods, WHY?”

It was rather like in Sleeping Beauty (or Sleeping Bob, in our gender non-specific book where a princess wakes up Bob) when Mallificent makes her ominous proclamation.

And indeed, when the twins are both sick and when I am also sick, like this week, it is a grueling experience. But there’s a secret benefit too: lying in our big bed, the three of us, watching “Pinnochio”, getting up at various times to puke or, you know, WHATEVER, eating crackers and applesauce, apple juice and all sorts of non-routine food. It felt like we were kind of a team. True I was doing most of the heavy lifting and all of my no TV, read books, play outside, make up stories work went out the window. But the three of us snuggling, smelling of barf and leaking mucous, together. It was gross, but somehow I got the sense that I would remember this feeling fondly.


And for that, instead, I thank the gods.



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15 responses to “The Gods of Twin Illness

  1. I think my husband prays to the twin gods every day, hoping that we’ll have our own one day. I’m not so sure, but reading this makes me think that, even on the hard days, maybe I could handle it after all. At this point, I just want the opportunity to be a mommy to one child, but, you know, the more the merrier!

  2. Hope

    I’m sorry you’re all sick. But I love that you know, even now, that, grueling as it is, you will probably remember these times with fondness. I bet your kids will, too. I know some of my best memories are of being home sick and getting to watch movies as a special treat.

  3. This is a sweet perspective and it does indeed go both ways. The twins will join the many of us who STILL long for those tv days with our mommies taking care of us every time we are sick. Nevertheless, I hope it is short-lived and you can return to playing outside soon!

  4. sounds cozy 😉
    I actually have never asked – how old are your twins?

  5. So sorry to hear about that sort of reaction…what is that about? Get well soon.

  6. oh, feel better! But enjoy feeling miserable together in the meantime. 🙂 Snuggles are they best, however they come.

  7. Esperanza

    Ugh, I can’t imagine having two sick four years old, when you’re sick yourself! Although cuddling with your cuties and watching movies all day dosen’t sound so bad… 😉

  8. Hope you feel better soon, soon, soon!

  9. Aww, this is the sweetest post about barf I have ever read 😉

  10. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row

    Feel better! But, I love that you are enjoying the time you get with your babies. 🙂

  11. Even thought you guys are so sick that sounds like a special time. I hope you guys feel better soon.

  12. Ana

    So sweet. And disgusting. But still sweet 🙂
    I love that you are able to keep such perspective…I know you were trying to “live joyfully” last year, and though the experiment may not have turned out as you wanted, it looks like you are definitely on the right track if you can see the beauty in a day with sick kids!

  13. Aw, buddy, feel better soon! Or not? Sounds kind of fun to me (minus the barf and whatever, of course)… 😉

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