Lurking No More

Stirrup Queens has declared this to be International Delurking Blog Week, or something like that. I love the idea. It means: Welcome to My Site! And I’d love to meet you.

If you’ve never commented before (Mom!) or comment frequently, I’d love to get to know a little bit about you:

1. What’s the best TV show, ever?
2. Are you dealing with Adoption, Loss or Infertility?
3. What was the lamest pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Thanks for reading!



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28 responses to “Lurking No More

  1. 1) The best TV show ever is, hmm, Arrested Development? Gilmore Girls? I was a super huge Lost fan, but I can’t bring myself to give it ‘best ever’ status.
    2) Yes, A and L and sort of I as a result of Ls.
    3) My DH likes to sit in restaurants and drop a sugar packet in front of me and say “excuse me, you dropped your nametag.”

  2. I like it. 1) Best TV-show, um I was hooked on 90210 back in the days but now I love Medium. 2) Pregnant after IVF#2 due to male factor 3) The classic that’s so obvious: Are you here often?

  3. Tara

    1- Justified.
    2 – No (which makes me not want to de-lurk, b/c I have no legitimate reason to be here…)
    3 – I’ve been with my husband for almost fourteen years, so I can’t even remember a pickup line…

  4. Gail K

    I’m here. I started following just recently.
    1. My favorite show of all time was the Cosby show. My favorite current show on TV is a 3-way tie between GLEE, NCIS and Gray’s Anatomy.
    2. I am mostly dealing with infertility although we have stopped TTC and are taking a break after 2 1/2 years on the IF roller coaster. We have discussed adoption, but no decisions have been made.
    3. I think the lamest one I heard was in college: “Hey, I lost my number. Can I have yours?” Although, like Tara above, I have been with my husband for almost 15 years and have trouble remembering any better. However, I did LOL at the one missohkay listed. Hilarious!

  5. Hope

    1. Best TV show ever? Not sure. I watch so little that I actually haven’t had a chance to develop favorites. But my DH and I are currently enjoying watching the A&E version of Sherlock Holmes.
    2. Loss, which turned into RPL which is considered a form of IF.
    3. My favorite lame pick up attempt was when the guy in the car next to me at a stoplight told me through our open windows that he recognized me from softball, then when I told him I didn’t play, he said I should. It was so lame, I didn’t even realize he was trying to pick me up until later. 🙂

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  7. I’m Here!

    Best TV Show: Archer
    I am dealing with situational-SIF.
    Lamest Pickup Line? Oh man, I don’t think anyone ever tried one on me… Is that bad?

  8. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row

    1) I loved the Cosby Show. Also Friends. One of those two.

    2) Infertility. Yay! (Trying to be positive in the new year!)

    3) Um…I lived in Israel for a year with the macho men, so there were many. But one guy hissed at me like a cat and I yelled, “I’m not a cat! Get away from me!” He looked confused. LOL.

  9. I’m here! But you knew that already. 😉

    1. I think my favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy. But it used to be so much better…although, I think it’s finally getting back to it’s roots. I also used to love Felicity when it was on. (Which Noel was recently on Grey’s for quite a few episodes, so it was the best of both worlds!)

    2. Yup. 4 losses. Good times.

    3. I seriously can’t remember a one. And I used to work at a night club, so I know there had to have been some doozies. Damn! I think I’m going to use Mr. Ohkay’s pick-up line later tonight on my husband, though.

  10. 1. Law & Order – the mothership!
    2. Infertility
    3. I don’t think I’ve had any lame pick-up lines. What kind of sheltered life have I led?

  11. 1. Ugly Betty
    2. Secondary Infertility, I think. And primary.
    3. I attended a “message party” in college, where everyone wore a number and random strangers could leave messages on a board for you with your number on it. Somebody wrote (anonymously) “I would love to be your panties.” Ugh.

  12. 1. Difficult question…. Sesame Street. The Muppets. Die Sendung mit der Maus. Buffy. CSI… …… can’t decide
    2. Infertility. 1 very early loss.
    3. I honestly can’t remember. Heard enough, though, I guess.

  13. Hi! Not exactly delurking but kinda since I don’t comment as much as I should.

    1. I discovered Veronica Mars on Hulu last year. Completely sucked in, totally geeked out and pissed it ended so abruptly. So, I think that’s my fave.

    2. Adoption after infertility

    3. “You should smile” uh, yeah, I totally find a backhanded compliment endearing.

  14. Oh, I have to add this….it wasn’t a pick up line, or it was the worst attempt ever but in college there was this guy who took jabs at me all night one night asking if I had just gotten back from/was raised in Trinidad, CO. The point? He was accusing me of being transgender. Now, isn’t that a classy way to get attention from a girl? (A 5’3″ 110-lb ballet dancer mind you. Not exactly Coach Bieste)

  15. Nobabiesyet

    1. Best show ever…too hard to choose just one so top 5 are Lost, Dexter, Modern Family, King of the Hill, and Party Down

    2. Dealing with loss and not able to get pregnant since the loss hoping for a diagnosis or something after our RE appointment in Feb.

    3. When I was working as a waitress after bringing a pitcher of beer to a table of guys I asked if I could bring them anything else and one replied “I’d take a side of you” awesome

  16. Hi. Totally delurking.
    1. I watch waaaay too much tv to pick just one favorite, but I’ll second Veronica Mars. I loved that show! I was also a big nerd for The X Files, and fairly recently discovered Firefly, which was only on for one short season.
    2. Infertility (male factor)
    3. “Do you have a map….because I’m lost in your eyes.” Seriously.

  17. Sarah


    1. Friends (for all-round rewatchability) or Battlestar Galactica (I’m a giant nerd 🙂 ).
    2. Adoption after infertility
    3. “You ever dated a “brother”? ‘Cuz you dance like you dated a brother.” Haha, I actually liked that one ;). I could dance, back in the day.

  18. 1. Alien Nation. I love that show.
    2. All three, now, in some way, shape, or form.
    3. Someone actually asked me once if my feet were tired. Because I’d been running through his mind all night.

  19. K

    Picking the best TV show ever is hard! But I have to go with Sex and the City. I could watch the last season when Carrie goes to Paris over and over.

    I am dealing with infertility. Yay.

    Once, when I was working in retail, a guy came up to me and said, “There’s something wrong with my receipt…your number’s not on it.” Lol. He was cute though.

  20. 1. Gray’s Anatomy, Friends & How I Met Your Mother….. oh and I used to love Weeds but it’s been sucking lately.
    2. Infertility
    3. Ok, I haven’t shared this before on my blog because it’s seriously appalling but since you asked….
    I lead a parenting class (part of my job) and through the 10 sessions they of course had asked about my plans for children since here I was teaching a class about them and not having any…. so I shared a little about our struggle. So after the 10 sessions (over 10 weeks) I ran into one of the Dads from my class at a large parenting workshop. He had been a great participant and seemed like a great guy. So I see him dropping off his kid in the childcare room and he said hello. As he was leaving he said, “will I see you in there? (referring to the training room) I’ll save you a seat on my lap… you gotta get pregnant somehow!” WTF!!!!!!!!! I guess it’s not a “lame pick up line” but it’s a disgusting one! I’m still upset about it! I guess the lamest pick up I’ve heard is the famous “Did it hurt?” “When you fell from heaven?” (DB- douche bag alert!!)

  21. Jess

    I’m here, I started following recently and have never made a comment. 1) I don’t have a tv but at the moment I watch a lot of bbc reality tv shows online, mostly that involve babies 2) Infertility 3) This wasn’t tried on me, but DH was out with an accountant friend who tried the line ” I work at the tax office, do you need any help with your taxes?”, without much success.

    Izzy that is awful, I am so sorry that you had to deal with someone like that.

  22. Will and Grace saved me from mild depression when I found out my bf (now ex) had a baby with another woman 8 months into our relationship In 2006. So yeah, that.

    Currently dealing with tubal infertility. My fibroid was removed from my cervix last November, relegating me to the land of C-sections when I give birth.

    Worst pick-up line: You look an awful lot like someone I used to be in love with. :-/

  23. Amy

    1 – I was a huge Friends geek (but not until a few years after it started) and I really still miss Will & Grace. Lost was also awesome, but maybe not Best Ever. I’m a bad TV junkie, so that’s hard to pick just one (or four!).

    2 – Mostly loss. Four early miscarriages between 2006-2010. Now expecting what I hope will be our take-home (16 weeks, still holding my breath). Just found out it’s a boy! Still seems too good to be true, though.

    3 – I don’t know if this is the lamest pickup line I’ve ever heard, but it is probably the most hilarious pickup line story I’ll ever have: first day of my sophomore year of high school, Biology class. Before the bell rings, this kid walks up to my desk, sort leans over, and says, “so, I’ve been told I’m hung like a horse.” I bust out laughing, because I could just tell by the innocent way that he said it that he had no idea what that was supposed to even mean! I ask if he knew what that was supposed to indicate, and he confessed that he didn’t…I told him, he blushed, and we made friends. Still cracks me up to this day.

  24. Not really a lurker but I’ve been in absentia for awhile – love reading the lame pickup lines from other commenters though so maybe it pays to be late to the party 🙂

    1. – um, probably Firefly
    2. – parenting after IF
    3. – “May I harvest your lusty fruits?” from a guy I was already sort of dating – he said it as a joke, and then months later I heard it on Cheers – he totally claimed he’d made it up himself! Laaaaame…

  25. Hi there!

    1. Mad Men, Sopranos, currently into Chuck
    2. Loss and infertility
    3. Can’t think of one…I’m horrible at thinking up “best” this and “worst” that moments! Maybe all the guys who approached me were ultra suave? Nah.

  26. 1. West Wing

    2. Loss (four very early losses) and Infertility (primarily dor and male factor)

    3. I can’t think of a specific one at the moment–I try to block them out as quickly as possible.

  27. Hi! I am not exactly a lurker, but I also don’t check in her as often as I would like to and will try to change that in this new year.

    1. Thirtysomething (hands down)! I watched it mostly when I was in high school and then reruns in college and beyond. But I could really relate to it, even back then. The writing was so incredible. They finally came out with the whole series on DVD and I own them all now. I am looking forward to watching them soon as a “thirtysomething” now myself and seeing what I think. Parenthood is also getting up there in my book (I feel like its our generation’s Thirtysomething).

    2. Secondary Infertility and Loss (early pregnancy and neonatal) — 5 years

    3. I can’t think of any. 🙂

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