Top 10 Things Bugging Me Right Now

I have been really crabby lately. This is typical of me in December: I have Birthday Euphoria, then a Birthday Hangover when I remember that I’m old.

So if you hate rant-y cranky posts, feel free to skip this one. And without further ado, here’s my countdown of the Top 10 Things Bugging Me Right Now!

Insert rimshot.

#10. Range Rover drivers. I hate you. There is nothing about your SUV that’s special other than the price you paid. Why should you get to run red lights, cut cars off in traffic and text?
#9. People who are ripping the new Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas. Yes, the Wal-Mart family is too wealthy (the 6 heirs apparently are worth more than the bottom 30% of Americans). But to say that Arkansans don’t deserve a world-class museum is just mean. They totally do. Alice Walton, thumbs-up from me on Crystal Bridges.
#8. People who screw up their faces and say “AR-kan-SAH? when I tell them my parents live there. Jeez. Not everyone lives in NYC or LA.
#7. The Kardashians. OK, I have a fondness for Khloe. But the vapidness and the materialism and the ubiquity! Go to Tasmania and hide in a cave for a year, Kardashian Klan. Then, we’ll talk.
#6. That time today when I bought a root beer, brought it home, tasted it and realized it was diet. That sucked!
#5. The a-ha moment I had today: if you didn’t start blogging before 2005, you’re pretty much fucked.
#4. The fact that basically every part of my day is filled with confrontation. I’d run a mile to avoid a confrontation, so dealing with them constantly is harsh.
#3. Super Volcanos! You scare me.
#2. The cost of education.
#1. Ashton Kutcher.

What’s bugging you? Please feel free to share!



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10 responses to “Top 10 Things Bugging Me Right Now

  1. Mel

    This post cracked me up. Though I feel badly for super volcanoes for getting your ire.

    Things pissing me off today: (1) Facebook, (2) people who repeat things 5 times in the same conversation, (3) blackberry. But it’s only 9:02 am. Give me time. More things will make the list.

  2. Awesome. 🙂 I’m still laughing at number 5.

    I’m actually not pissed off yet, which is a rarity for me. But I’m sure I will be soon. After all, I have to go to the post office today. 😉

  3. It’s a crabby kind of day. It’s very grey here in Salem this morning, which lends to natural crabbiness. Right now I’m bugged by the fact that yes, winter is coming and sweet Jesus, if I have to shovel the amount of snow we did last year, I just might punch a dog.

    I am here to tell you that #5 doesn’t have to be true! Let’s be proof of that together 😉

    Ditto #10 and #7. And if you’re looking for something more terrifying that Super Volcanoes (yanno, to break up the anxiety) may I present to you: Japanese Hornets. Google them. Largest in the world. In Japan. Kill 40 people a YEAR. A YEAR. In Japanese, they’re called suzume-bachi. Know what that translates to? SPARROW BEES. HORNETS SO DAMN BIG THE JAPANESE NAMED THEM AFTER A BIRD.

    Ha ha… get it? What’s “bugging” me? Seriously though. These hornets scare the crap out of me.

    As for daily confrontations, if I know I have one coming up, I say this over and over in my head: “I am a force to be reckoned with. I own this space. You’re on my territory and we’re going to play by my rules.” This was pretty much on a constant loop the days leading up to me quitting my job.

    Hang in there!

  4. #5 — BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! And so true.
    Yes to the Kardachios.
    Yes to philanderers.
    Not on your list is wind that makes the chimney bang down through my fireplace.

  5. Hahahah. What is it about diet root beer that tastes so awful? It’s like they can make diet anything else and it’s at least drinkable, but diet root beer is just awful. And seriously: I’m so over the Kardashians. SO OVER them. (Although, I agree, I’m a fan of Khloe).

    I’m bugged right now by not enough hours in the day and my job. Good times.

  6. Actual LOL. Loved it. And, WHY are the Kardashians FAMOUS? They bug me too. It bugs me more that they occupy any tiny percentage of my already overloaded grey matter.

    Ditto Range Rover drivers (I would add Hummers).

  7. Did you hear that Khloe is doing IVF? I just read that in line at Safeway today. Which leads me to the first thing bugging me:

    – Safeway and all the dumb assholes in Safeway and the lady in front of me today arguing tomato prices (and white asparagus prices and lemongrass prices, and insert-random-vegetable here prices) with the poor, clueless cashier.

    – These short days. Man, it is dark before I even have a chance to go outside again in the afternoon. Depressing.

    – My partner. (But mentioning him wouldn’t really be appropriate would it? I won’t then.)

    – The fact that now that I’ve mastered the double space = period on my iPhone I’m doing it on my computer, where a double space = a double space.

    – This epic scab on the back of my ankle that I want to pick off so bad I spend most of my drive to work dreaming about it. (TMI? Will you still be my friend?)

    – Winter pudge. How did I already gain 3 pounds?! It’s not even Xmas yet!

    I’m sure I could think of more but I’ll stop here, for both our sakes.

    Thanks for writing this fabulous post. It made me laugh and I needed to laugh today.

  8. Oh so funny. And I’ve been there with #6. That makes me angry.

    Other things that are bugging me right now? Judgmental, gossipy old women who are supposed to be socially mature but instead sit inside lofty homes and pretend to be sober and happy.

  9. Love your list. Too funny. 🙂
    I am soooooo bugged right now by a woman I know (sister of friends of mine) who abandoned her two kids to run off to another state with a guy, and is now having another baby. Take care of the ones you already have, would you please?!?

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