Happy Birthday to Meeeee!!!!

I love birthdays. Even if they mean I’m getting old. It’s a day when I get special treatment and free reign to pursue fun times with my friends and Darcy. It’s all about ME!!! It’s never about me, so I’m grateful for this day.

The problem with birthdays are the days after. No special me time, just the fact that I’m freaking 39. A year older, a year closer to being completely done building a family and a year closer to 40.

But for now, to heck with that. I am going to let you know what I am particularly thankful for on Birthday Eve. (Yes, it’s a thing!)

1) Parks & Recreation

This show. I love it way too much and have been quoting it to friends and family who have no idea what I’m talking about. (“Dude, you have to END on the rhyme!”) I’ve sent numerous texts with quotes from Tom Haverford, Leslie Knope, Jean Rolphio and Andy to poor Esperanza, who also watches it. It is the funniest show on TV right now. Don’t believe me? Here’s a clip. The set-up: Tom Haverford (a small-town Jay-Z wannabe) launches his own liquor called Snake Juice at his nightclub, The Snake Hole. You read that right. The rag-tag band of government employees the show follows goes to the club to support him and his “Connoisseur’s Juice” and promptly get trashed. It’s really funny if you know the characters, who are usually pretty straight-laced.

In fact the whole episode, called “The Fight” is one of the funniest pieces of TV I’ve ever seen.

2. Neutral Milk Hotel. Hat tip to Parks and Recreation on this one, too. I had never heard of April’s favorite all-time band until watching this show. This song, which came out in 1998(!) in particular I love:

3. A&W Root Beer Floats. Enough said.

Do you like your birthdays? Do you have birthday “hangovers”?


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14 responses to “Happy Birthday to Meeeee!!!!

  1. Happy, happy birthday! I’m turning 38 on Monday … and I plan to celebrate life and be thankful, too. By eating cake, of course. 🙂 Hope yours is full of wonderful surprises!

  2. Happy happy birthday! Hope it’s a wonderful one. May it be a great year!

  3. Happy birthday!! I think it’s great to have a Me! attitude for your birthday. I think I’ll do that next year!

  4. Happy Birthday! You are so right – me time is a rarity enjoy every drop!

  5. Yay for December babies! Happy birthday, dear J!

  6. K

    Happy birthday dear!! Enjoy and spoil the heck out of yourself 🙂

  7. Happy birthday lovely lady!

  8. Happy Bday!
    I hope this new year of your life brings you the feeling of being THE happiest person on earth!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it’s wonderful!!!

  10. Wordgirl

    Welcome to the 39 club!! (It’s not so bad;) ) I am learning to like my birthdays more and more — especially since I’m not so good at claiming time of my own — your birthday? Well that’s the day…I hope you have a wonderful one.



  11. I do like my birthdays… always have, always will 🙂 Glad to know I’m not the only one. I also LOVE Parks & Rec. My DH wants to be BFFs with Aziz Ansari. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

  12. Esperanza

    I guess it’s okay that I’m just wishing you a happy birthday here now, since I SAW you on your big day but I still feel kind of shitty.

    Also, that episode of Parks and Rec is pure, unadulterated genius. We rewatched it 24 hours before you did and it was such awesome timing to have you live tweeting it the next day. I LOVED it.

  13. Mo

    sorry for being so late..


  14. Happy belated birthday 🙂

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