Tuesday Time Warp: Bloggy Meet-ups

Kathy each week hosts a project that us writerly types love: a chance to revisit a past post and update it with learnings since then. It’s called Tuesday Time Warp, and I love it. It’s beginning to feel like a tradition my group of friends once had: the “Tuesday Night Supper Club”. We’d meet up in some mid-priced London restaurant and talk about everything: books, movies, politics, gossip and generally just have a blast. Many nights we’d leave the restaurant around 2 AM. Those were some of the best nights of my life.

My new Tuesday tradition though is to pull up a virtual barstool at Kathy’s kitchen island, with friends like Deborah and Esperanza and Keiko and Lori and get to read really enchanting, thought-provoking writing, then get their impressions after the post was published. Because I am always one of those nerds that wants to ask the great posters exactly what they meant by a certain turn of phrase, this event is especially magical.

This week’s topic is “Meet-Ups” (not virtual) and so there is The Gang of Three of us ALI bloggers who live nearby. They are the sisters I never had, friends who would have loved the “Tuesday Night Supper Club”. They don’t live the closest to me but close enough. They are soulmates to me. I can imagine us coming up with some dopey Ya Ya ritual someday. Nah, we’re too cool for that.

If I had my way, I’d have these sisters living on my street. We’d all prepare food together, bitch, moan and aid projects and dreams would most likely achieve liftoff.

But The Gang of Three had one night of misadventure, which, being the shameless bloggers we are, we each posted about. It was the Rashoman of an ill-fated sleepover. I love this blog hop, because everyone was very honest about their past friendship baggage and how it led to the imploded get-together.

So here’s three different accounts of the same event from three separate bloggers. Rashoman, minus a lot of unpleasantness of the original work.

My friendships with Bodega and Esperanza are the best thing to have happened to me in this somewhat cursed year, or the year where challenges are being hurled at me like the many Bludgers aimed at Harry Potter during that one rigged game. The latest Bludger, this morning, was the worst so far, by far.

The only highlight was Esperanza’s wickedly amusing, foul-mouthed tweets, which brought me back to life. The Gang of Three is by no means exclusionary: If I could meet Mel or Lori or Kym, or Kristin or Keiko or Justine or Kathy or Wordgirl or Dresden: to quote Rachel Zoe: “That would be so major. That would be everything.” Luna, I am tracking you down and we will be having lunch as soon as my car is fixed. Hope, I would love to get your unique, thorough take on Infertility, Elphaba would dazzle me with her acerbic wit, Mo would just make me laugh with bunnies, Marie would be writing her own unique memoir and I could see it, LutC: I know that you would make me laugh with your unconventional humor. This is just the tip of the iceberg: if your name’s not on here, it’s because I’m afraid of writing a cast of thousands.

Because I have never met so many of “my people”. And I hope some day to meet you all.

To learn more about “Tuesday Time Warp”, please go here.



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15 responses to “Tuesday Time Warp: Bloggy Meet-ups

  1. I wish I could meet more bloggers too! You are lucky that Esperanza and Bodega Bliss live near enough to you to get together. Sometimes I cheer myself up by reminding myself how cool it is that I know people all over the world now, but I still wish I knew more people nearby.

    • It IS cool to know people all over the world. That is one of best things about blogging, for sure. Mel used to have location-based groups of ALI bloggers listed somewhere on her website, not sure if it’s still there…I wish you were closer!

  2. Those posts were great. I think it would be a lot of fun to meet up in person for open conversations with other bloggers as well. Maybe sometime we could plan a very extended get-together. I don’t know exactly where you are but it’s probably not that far (I live in that nerdy college-town on the east side of the SF bay known for it’s hippie sensibilities – hint, hint).

  3. I so love your introduction to your post today, the way you described why you like doing the Time Warp and what it means to you… So very awesome! That you for participating again this week and being so supportive of and enthusiastic about this blog hop/writing exercise! xoxo

    As I shared in my comment on the post you chose to highlight and reflect on today, I am so happy you picked it, as I read your blog entry, as well as E’s and B’s at the time, but for some reason never got around to commenting. So this was the perfect time/chance for me to go back and re-read them and share my thoughts.

    I am so glad that you have made such wonderful friends through blogging, including some that you get to spend quality time with offline! I definitely feel blessed and lucky that our paths have intersected via our love for writing and our shared experience as part of the ALI Community. I would LOVE to meet you (and so many of the other fabulous bloggers that you mentioned and linked to) someday and hope we can make it happen!

    Thanks again for doing the Time Warp this week and giving me another chance to revisit your Rashoman (a term I had never heard of before) posts! 🙂

    • Yes, I am so happy we “met”! I think it might have been on Lori’s “Life From Scratch” tour, if I’m not mistaken. I absolutely love Tuesday Time Warps. Thank you again for coming up with such a creative idea, and such a great way of building a community 🙂

  4. I love my blog friends who live nearby and now I’m working on resigning my husband to the fact that everywhere we go on vacation from now on, we’re going to have to meet up with another blogger. We did it last summer when I went to Vancouver, and now we’re planning it when we go to Florida over New Years 🙂

    • Ha, that’s so funny you say that. When we went to Disneyland, I fit in a meeting with a blogger friend too. It made the trip much better! My husband is totally baffled by all my blogger friendships, too. I hope you come to the Bay Area sometime 🙂

  5. I definitely feel the same way about the both of you. I’m trying to figure out how we can convince our husbands to let us all move onto the same block. I have no doubt that if you two were in my daily life, I would become the happiest version of myself. In fact, you’d probably get sick of me I’d be at your house so much! 😉

    I’ll never stop being thankful for you being in my life. xoxo

    • That would be radness. If I won the lottery, I would definitely buy you both two houses in my neighborhood. I am not even joking. I would never get sick of you two.

      Be ready to be bored by another London anecdote: when we lived there, two of our best friends lived in our building and the other three lived a few blocks away and it totally, totally ruled.

      I am so happy we are friends! xoxoxo

  6. I keep trying to figure out how to afford a LearJet and a mountain retreat to bring all my bloggy friends together in one place at the same time. Your list would be my starting point!

    XOXO. Love this post, and the Rashoman bloghop, too.

  7. Esperanza

    Ooh! I love this post. I too would just adore meeting all the bloggers you named. There are so many people that I want to meet and I’m keeping a running list of who lives where so if I’m ever in a town with a blogging friend you can bet I’ll be giving them a call (or a comment) to meet up. Mo – you’re just going to have to come State-side so I can see you because there is no way I’m getting my broke ass to Isreal anytime soon.

    I hope we can all get together again soon! And this time I will NOT lose my keys.

  8. I totally fantasize about a big meetup with all of us. Maybe one day…

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  10. I haven’t been able to participate in Kathy’s Time Warp Tuesdays yet, but I love this one, & your post. : ) I only JUST met my first blogger this summer (Deathstar from A Woman My Age), although I’ve met online friends before. Lori’s Learjet & mountain retreat sound like an excellent idea. (A girl can dream….)

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