Pretty Flowers!

I am really sad and tired. But today I got to go to my MIL’s magnificent garden, spruced up for a garden tour. I think I have talked about what an overachiever my MIL is, but this particular event was so huge and important that a motherf-ing bus of TOURISTS (some of them were from FRANCE!) showed up to see her 3/4 acre of paradise on earth.

Here’s some photos from my phone that can barely do it justice.


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5 responses to “Pretty Flowers!

  1. Trinity

    Be still, my flora-lovin’ heart. Kudos to your MIL. 🙂

  2. Mo

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. So pretty! It looks inviting and relaxing. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my frustrations!

  4. Wordgirl

    What beautiful flowers — I totally have garden envy. My garden, like my life, is chaotic. Sometimes just have some beauty in our lives can calm something… at least it does so for me.

    I’ve been thinking of you — and wondered if you’d read Pema Chodron — I remember reading The Places That Scare You or When Things Fall Apart — its Buddhist in nature — but I found it to be really comforting during the time I was struggling with so much.

    Book recommendations are tricky — but I just thought I would pass that on. I’m thinking of you,


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