What’s Happening Now in the Adoption, Loss, Infertility Community: Edition Three

A while ago, I wrote an unworthy tribute to the Herb Caen columns that I grew up with. I’ve decided to make it a series. The point of “What’s Happening, Now” is to update you all about achievements and happenings among our friends in the ALI community. I hope to provide some fun, quirky news about our group and to remind us all that we are MORE than our infertility and loss. I hope you enjoy!

Are you dreaming of roaming the emerald green hills of IRELAND? Wish you could visit a medieval castle? Stay in a B&B? Get your hair did at a European salon? (I plead guilty.) Live vicariously through Fearlessly Infertile. She has put together an absolutely gorgeous, jealousy-inducing photo album of the highlights of her trip: it’s a must-see. Also, she’s hosting a giveaway: complete with Irish shortbread, a calendar of the Gaelic sights, a grow-your-own four-leaf clover kit (!) and Shutterfly coupon…Stumbling Gracefully tweeted about a deadly run-in with a herd of baby goats in the wilds of St. Louis. They ate her Anthropologie shirt! She has not written about it on her blog yet as she is still vacationing. But I can’t wait for the full story.

Liberal Granola is counting the days until her husband, who is in the Army, comes home. She has been detailing her exercise and diet plan in preparation and she’s kicking butt.

The Pomegranate Society has officially been founded! The Pomegranate Society is an online writing workshop with a focus on getting works finished and published. We have some really exciting projects from some of your favorite bloggers (check back soon for the full list). I am sworn to secrecy, but trust me: you’ll be dying to download these books onto your Kindle. We still have room for one or two more projects but I am closing this first round of workshop early next week. So, HURRY!…Have you lacked blogging mojo lately? You’re not alone. Stirrup Queens had noticed a general malaise and lack of inspiration in the ALI blogging community. And she came up with a brilliant solution: Prompt-ly, a list-serve complete with blog prompts, news stories, a place to debate hot button issues, writing exercises, and news about publishing/writing/agents etc. Check it out…

Lots of ALI bloggers in competition for various honors this week! One of my favorite ALI bloggers, Lavender Luz, is currently in vying to be one of The Circle of Moms Top 25 Adoption Bloggers: Go and vote for her!…Keiko from Sarah Wept, Hannah Laughed is collecting votes for 1000 Women. Every woman who receives 1,000 votes on their story will be part of our special promotional efforts for our 1000Women campaign, meaning each vote for Keiko is a vote for ALI awareness. She’s almost at 100 votes. Please go and vote for her: if we could get her to 1000, we’d get some much-needed advocacy!…Stirrup Queens is up for a biggie: the 2011 Annual Bloganthropy Award. She’s one of five finalists. This one’s decided by a panel, so we’ll have to just keep our fingers crossed for her.

Readers, do you have any exciting projects, hobbies or stories to share? Or have you read about another blogger’s triumph? Please provide links below!!


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