Assume at Your Peril

Assume…the word makes an ass out of you and me. As my English teacher in high school controversially proclaimed in class one day.

My college roommate announced the birth of her child tonight. He was born too soon. I am hoping and praying for the best…she’s going through the NICU roller coaster.

Why is it assumed today that the vast majority of people will get pregnant easily and give birth in a normal, yet amusing way? It’s not true. My friend almost died.

One in eight people has trouble getting pregnant. One in eight babies is born too soon.

Neither of these statistics is acceptable.

I’m so angry. And this is the latest slap in the face in a long line of tragedies this month.




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3 responses to “Assume at Your Peril

  1. I don’t know why. It’s just hard and unfair and horrible at times. I’m so sorry for your friend, that must be so tough. Hugs

  2. Sending prayers for your friend.

    I think it’s assumed that pregnancy will come easily and birth will happen naturally and without complications because it’s too frightening to people to face the truth. The losses, the difficulty getting pregnant … all of those things threaten the very existence of our species. It means facing the fact that medicine still can’t fix everything. That we haven’t come as far as we thought we had. That we are flawed. And the people who experience difficulty are, I think, often ashamed to talk about it, because it’s like saying that we fail at the one primal, “natural” thing we are put on this earth able to do. How can you fail at basic biology, right?

    Does that make the ignorance and denial any better or easier to accept? No. And I think it actually endangers us more to pretend that the world of reproduction is happy go lucky.

    It’s never easy, but I’m so sorry that it’s been such a suckfest lately, in particular.

  3. I actually know people who complain that there is so much talk about raising infertility rates that they were sure they won’t be able to get pregnant on their own. As a matter of fact, they feel angry about these stupid “rumours” that poisoned a couple of months in their TTC days (which were short).

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