Update on The Pomegranate Society

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Lots of progress has been made with The Pomegranate Society! We have eleven excellent writers signed up, and the most I can accommodate is 16, so hurry and sign up now! We are looking for writers with screenplays, YA/fantasy, chick lit, mysteries and general fiction.

The Pomegranate Society will be structured to pair a set of writers with similar projects together. Your paired writer will be a workout buddy of sorts: you will motivate each other to meet deadlines. I am currently speaking to some MFAs about how to structure the critiquing/editing elements of the program so we can all help each other strengthen our material, keeping an eye on what will sell, the structure, character development and plotting.

I am also working on a list of critiquing guidelines based on successful workshops in the past.

Everything will be done virtually, and I will be creating a website soon for the project. Mel at Stirrup Queens has kindly offered to promote the project, and I think we should all read her excellent DIY guide to getting an agent and getting published.

I hope to host an interactive Q&A with an agent and/or a publisher (no promises: yet).

If you know of any writers who are working on similar works, please let me know.

I hope to jumpstart this program in the next few weeks. I think so many of us just need that extra push to start/finish our books and begin to market them to agents and publishers. If the critiquing project improves your book’s chances (which is of course the end game), Hurrah!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be in touch with you all individually soon.

CookedHeads said: “I feel…so…John Hancock…historical even…” I do too! Let’s use the shit we’ve endured and turn it into a Publishing Pot of Gold!



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5 responses to “Update on The Pomegranate Society

  1. sounds awesome …. but what if we don’t have a project ready to go? 😦

  2. this has huge potential to be so so amazing. let me know if there’s anyway i can help with anything

  3. This is just what I needed, just when I needed it. Seriously, I pretty much love you right now.

    (I reserve the right to ask questions later. For the time being, just the love.)

  4. I’d love to join and be paired up but I have a couple of things I kind of want to lay out there first with whoever I’m paired with. Ugh, I sound like such a diva. But seriously – I’d love to chat more via email about this. JJiraffe, can you either send me your email address via DM on twitter or just email me directly at miriamshope AT gmail DOT com?

  5. I am still excited and interested, but the book proposal I am in the very early stages of developing does not fit into any of the categories you mentioned. My proposal is for something non-fiction. Like Keiko, I would prefer not to go into much more detail here right now. So will you please also DM me your email on twitter or email me directly at kmbenson75 AT yahoo DOT com.? Thank you! 🙂 Sorry to also be a bit high maintenance…

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