Joy and Pain, It’s Like Sunshine and Rain

So sayeth one of my favorite modern-day philosophers, Rob Base.

Sometimes it is just incomprehensible what the world is capable of. Someone I care about a lot has been stricken down by a cruel, unimaginable thing.

The duality of the world, the great joy and pain of it all, can cut you into pieces.

Darcy had a Deepak Chopra moment with a sports hero on Twitter. Darcy had watched a program about this athlete’s life, and tweeted about the tragic childhood this athlete had endured. Wouldn’t you know, this athlete follows Buddhist teachings? And he responded right away to Darcy, saying this: all the tragedies he had endured had led him to wisdom and love.

I am nowhere near this kind of peace with the harshness and softness of this funny, yet mean-spirited world. But I am impressed by our modern day hero. How inspiring that he can carve joy out of a past of granite harshness…I hope I may have the fortitude to look at the past someday with a detached, yet understanding eye.

But right now, I’m just so pissed for my friend.

Finally, Pampers produced a commercial about babies that is incredibly inclusive of the ALI community. It made me cry. If you’ve not seen it yet, here it is.



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12 responses to “Joy and Pain, It’s Like Sunshine and Rain

  1. Buddhist teaching is wonderful for healing. But it’s a long way to understand it completely, if one ever does.
    That’s a beautiful advert and very thoughtful done. Smart company. Love it.

  2. Esperanza

    That commercial rocks! I’m impressed Pampers!

    I think we can learn so much from the pain of life but it’s hard. Very hard. The reality is, here in the west we take so much for granted and deal with much less suffering than others. I hope I can always remember that. And that people do persevere and live joyful lives, even after horrible tragedy. If they can do it, why not I?

    I read on a baby loss blog a mom who one day stopped asking “Why me?” and started asking “Why not me?” She said it was very humbling and helped her heal. Whenever something difficult happens in my life I try to ask that question – why not me? and I find that somehow it brings me peace.

  3. Mel

    You have me bawling with that commercial. I was already on a hair trigger today, but that just pushed me over the edge.

    Calming myself down.

    Sending out good thoughts for your friend. It would be wonderful to always be able to see the world that way. I think it’s possible for me in moments, but it comes and goes. I think a lot of those visions come from where you’re standing — in the moment or after the fact.

  4. That commercial makes me cry every single time. Love it.

  5. I saw the link to that commercial somewhere else, but was afraid to click on it. So glad you posted about it.

    And I am sorry for whatever your friend is going through. (((Hugs)))

  6. Love the commercial. Gives me warm fuzzies when I see it.

    There is a lot of wisdom in eastern religions. I like Taoism, myself. I think it is all the water imagery. Sometimes I think that eastern religions deal with emotional pain and grief better than western religions.

  7. Chickenpig

    I wasn’t expecting the tears….great commercial.

    I seem to live in a world of ‘Why not me?’. When struggling with infertility I never found myself asking “Why me?” but I have a serious case of survivor’s guilt. Why do have such wonderful insurance that allowed me to go through 6 cycles of IVF without spending a ton of money? Why did I have the luck to carry twins to term without complications?

    Then I remember that I have had more than my share of crap in my life, and so has my husband. Bad things happen…good happens….life is beautiful. If I had lost my children, or never conceived them in the first place, i would still have love, and happiness, family and friends.

    I’m sorry for you and your friend. May there be brighter days ahead for you both.

  8. Denver Laura

    This video is not safe for work. I have to redo my mascara now.

  9. OK, I’m weepy now, too. But in a good way.

    Sending healing energy to your friend.

  10. That is a fantastic commercial.

    Amazing how Twitter can give immediate (albeit brief) access to all sorts of people you might never get to interact with in any other way.

  11. It’s the first time in a long time I cried at some baby commercial because I was moved that they got it, and not pissed that they didn’t. Thanks.

  12. That commercial is amazing! It makes me feel RESPECTED. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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