Sponsored Post: I Get a Psychic Reading

I know how some people feel about sponsored posts by bloggers, so feel free to skip over this at any time, but: I was offered a free psychic reading from www.psychicsource.com and because I have so many questions about what’s going on in my life right now, I snapped it up.

I don’t have much experience with psychics. Once, when I was having my first miscarriage, Darcy bought me a massage at a fancy spa. The woman giving the massage (I was not talking, so as not to cry) suddenly told me that she had information to give me, and she hoped I didn’t mind. She said she could tell I was in a lot of pain, but there was a female baby that would enter my life. She told me that I was meant to be a mother of a daughter. It was really weird, because I hadn’t said anything about my m/c at all. And, our RE had told us our chances of us having a girl were really low. Our daughter is the first girl on Darcy’s side of the family for 60 years.

The second experience was from a Halloween party Darcy and I hosted once. To make it fun, we hired a fortune teller. We got our fortunes told together. She said she saw us having one birth only. (She did not specify how many babies.) And she gave this odd pronouncement, very like the Voldemort/Harry Potter prophecy: she saw neither one of us surviving the other. This scares me, and makes me afraid to fly on planes together.

Now I feel like I’m at a crossroads with my life, and there were some questions I wanted to ask.

I called the number, and when I heard that there was a psychic called Lorelei available, I chose her, because I love “The Gilmore Girls” 🙂

Here’s what I asked and what she answered:

1. Will I have any more children?

She didn’t see me “birthing” any more children, but thought there might be a slight chance of adoption, although probably not based on upcoming life choices.

2. I didn’t specify what I did, but I said that I was unsure where my career was headed and wondered if she had any insight.

She said what I do now is very, very difficult and painful for me personally.

She said I had two decent choices. One was an easy choice, and one was a harder choice that would involve many twists and turns, but would provide me with much happiness.

3. I told her there was a difficult family relationship I was dealing with. Did she see any way through it?

She stated that there was a way through it, but it would be physically and emotionally exhausting, and involved an overhaul of how everyone communicated with this person (and how they communicated with us).

4. I told her I was tired all the time. Was there anything she recommended to improve this?

She told me my muscles were not relaxing properly because of the amount of stress I was under and recommended that I buy moonstones, hold them in my hand for 5-10 minutes before sleep, then put them under the pillow. She laughed and said this was a Dr. Phil thing to say, but she does it and it works. She also recommended that I write down what was bothering me on a piece of paper and burn it.

5. Finally I asked the morbid question about being a widow, since I’m nervous about the Voldemort prophecy.

She told me she doesn’t like answering this question, because she doesn’t want to affect people living their lives in fear of something happening to their partner. But she wanted to tell me that she could tell that my husband was a “good guy”, really sweet, a true partner who shares responsibilities and that I was lucky. Most of her clients don’t have this kind of relationship.  She said she could tell that we love each other very much and although we would have ups and downs, our love would only grow for each other.

Lots of food for thought…

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  1. love this. never had it done, but when J and I were in SF, I told him if we walked passed a place that did it, I was going to have my fortune told. Though now that I think about it, that may have been why he didn’t want to to a lot of walking.

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