Let’s Bust Some Myths, and A Piñata!

When Resolve put out a call for bloggers to “Bust a Myth” about infertility, the immediate image that came to my mind was: what if I literally busted apart a piñata shaped as a uterus while busting some knowledge?

I think the idea came from the very satisfying scene in “Valentine’s Day” where Jennifer Garner cracks open that piñata of a heart after getting her own heart broken. My own heart has been broken by my reproductive organs. Repeatedly.

I’m an infertility survivor. And in my opinion, there are many myths that need to be busted around the subject. I am going to target ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE, which is the cause of much personal misery to those going through infertility. Since the public doesn’t know the facts about infertility, or the STATISTICAL EVIDENCE, they trot out stories: about distant friends, relatives, frankly, mythical people, who “overcame” infertility through Tahitian vacations.

One of the things big corporations used to pay me for was to write FAQs, to answer “Frequently Answered Questions.” I think it’s time I wrote one to scatter some infertility anecdotes into the wind. Feel free to share my video and this post with your relatives and friends when they start with the stories. Let’s fight myths with facts.


1. Isn’t it true that if you relax, you’re more likely to get pregnant?

The latest evidence suggests otherwise. A large-scale review of fourteen studies, which followed 3,583 women who were diagnosed as infertile and were going through a cycle of fertility treatment, concluded that emotional distress (defined as stress and tension) did NOT affect whether the woman became pregnant or not. (footnote 1). Many infertility problems are caused by physical, anatomical and immunological issues (like low ovarian reserve, blocked fallopian tubes, lack of ovulation, low sperm count, birth defects related to both male and female anatomy), which could not be aided by a lack of stress anyway. (footnote 2).

2. Why don’t you just adopt?

Adopting is wonderful way to add to your family. It is also much more expensive, difficult and time consuming than most people know. Domestic and international adoption can cost in excess of $30,000 and take many years. The outcome is also uncertain: birthmothers may change their minds, foreign countries could change their policies. The truth is many families don’t have the financial resources to fund an adoption (footnote 3)

3. IVF works every time!

Nope. Not even close. Depending on varying factors, the statistical chance of success in a single cycle of IVF is between 30-45%. That means the chance of FAILURE is 55-70%! (footnote 4)

For more information, please go here. For more information on “myth-busting”, go here.


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13 responses to “Let’s Bust Some Myths, and A Piñata!

  1. Mo

    You’re gorgeous! Way to go with the creative vlogging! I just want to hug you and pinch your cheeks! Is that ok? 🙂

  2. Great post! And great myths to choose. I love the idea of literally busting them!

    (And the Name/URL option is up again on my blog–thanks so much for going to bat for me in your last post–I really appreciated it!)

  3. Esperanza

    YAY! Your video is awesome! I love it! And I love that you hit down your piñata for the last one! Amazing! Those are all great myths to bust and you did it in such a wonderful and creative way!

    Thanks for doing this. Thanks for not only giving our rage and pain words, but giving it a physical manifestation as well.

  4. This is awesome! What a fabulous film. Good for you!

    (Thanks for the award, btw! I’ll pass it on soon.)

  5. I love the post and the video! Nicely done!

  6. I know this is serious important information, but there’s something about watching a grown woman whacking a womb that cracks me up. loved it. i might start making a shriveled womb for menopause. I’m hoping I have plenty of time, but I doubt I’ll like my womb at that point and any excuse to wield a bat…

  7. chhandita

    As I said earlier, you inspire me! Everyday, and I really mean it…

  8. chhandita

    And you look awesome at 3.32 :)..I know because my screen froze exactly at that moment lol

  9. LOVE this! You look terrific … and what a great way to get out frustrations about the myths and about our own challenging (ahem) bodies! 🙂

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