My Twitter Addiction, er, Problem

I’m having a post-vacation let-down.  Being back home, watching the kids without Darcy and restaurant meals: I ain’t gonna lie. I miss that golden family time already.  I also really enjoyed connecting with silver and golden friends, but now that I’m back, I’m reminded how isolating my day-to-day life is.

And that most of the people I see in person regularly bring me down.

Enter Twitter.

On Twitter, it’s a virtual Round Table at the Algonquin. You can try to trade quips with literary heroes and your favorite bloggers.  Of course, at this table I am the dullest, smallest piece of dust on the oaken plank.  But at least I’m there.

My silly tweet about Peggy Orenstein, whose memoir about infertility, “Waiting for Daisy” was my bible when I was going through IVF. This tweet was about “Cinderella Ate My Daughter”, which I have written about before.

She responds! Squee!

Tweets also act as a way to foster advocacy: many tweets remind others about causes like NIAW.  I think Twitter was probably the main reason PETA backed down.

It’s also a huge time waster.

And procrastination vehicle extraordinaire.

I have a feeling that in a few years time, I may look back on my tweets as woefully as the abysmal, self-important journal I kept during my first trip to Europe. Sample entry: “The Louvre is an essential storage facility for art. But it certainly isn’t convenient as a visitor’s gallery.” *cringe* And yet, I don’t feel that way about my blog posts. I’m pretty pleased with them.

What do you think of Twitter? Friend or foe?


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5 responses to “My Twitter Addiction, er, Problem

  1. chhandita

    I am still not too much into Twitter (thank god?)…But FB became so important to me at one point that I used to wake up middle of the night to see if anybody had commented on my status message! Tells a lot about how empty my life was/is. So now am trying to just stick with my blog.

  2. I haven’t been able to figure out how to really use Twitter … agreed with chhandita. But yes, I do spend an awful lot of time on FB … not so much posting any more, but reading. I think I’m developing a blog addiction. 😉

  3. oh man… yeah. I’m still on the fence about it all. But you make a very valid point in regards to it curing isolation. I do think isolation is the biggest soul killer. We need each other to thrive. If twitter does it, then woman, you better tweet!

  4. I think if it helps you, do it. Individuals are the only ones who (if they are honest with themselves) can quantify that. Twitter is a tool/medium, and just like anything else, isn’t intrinsically bad or good. It’s how it’s used that matters.

    I’m not on it because I like more anonymity, and because I know I’d stretch myself too thin. I am a bit strict on the amount of time I spend on the computer these days. I just feel too badly if I’m on too much. Plus I already have fb (mainly to keep up with family) and blogging. I even dropped going to my beloved message board. I agree though that sometimes IRL people suck, and I wish I could surround myself with some of the awesome people I’ve met through blogging. (actually met my hub online 15 yrs ago)

  5. Esperanza

    I still haven’t figured out what I think of twitter. I’m just not sure. I feel like if I’m not on it constantly I can’t keep up. It’s weird. I haven’t found my flow there yet. I think I don’t #hashtag things enough (though I love the word hashtag). Maybe if I keep it up eventually I’ll get it.

    That is so cool that Peggy wrote you back. (We’re on a first name basis). I really want to read that book but my mom is holding it hostage until she finishes it. That’s fine. More time to read The Joy of Less and Bossypants.

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