What’s Happening, Now: The Herb Caen Edition

People from the Bay Area may remember the late, great columnist Herb Caen. He was a colleague of my Dad’s and a San Francisco institution.  He would write about news, gossip, fun facts and lively happenings in a dot dot dot style. So, here is my unworthy tribute to him:

Spent the morning with the delightful Esperanza, of Stumbling Gracefully fame. She and her adorable daughter joined us for bagels, lox and Diet Coke. Esperanza’s new blog, about her year of buying only second-hand goods, is sure to mesmerize readers. Follow her journey as she attempts to live a life of Second Hand Happiness…Have you ever wondered about the monetary costs of adoption and infertility treatments? Lavender Luz and Baby Smiling in the Backseat are hosting an enlightening series of articles, called the “Dollars and $ense of Family Building”. The series features first-hand accounts of the monetary pains of the ALI community from many different viewpoints: foster-to-adopt, surrogacy, open adoption, IVF (both in the US and abroad) and foreign adoption. These articles opened my eyes to the high costs of fertility treatments in the US, and the low cost of treatments in countries like France…Obama, Big Insurance, can you help us out, here?…The elusive male point of view on infertility just got a lot less so, thanks to Hope To Be Daddy. Please read this post, it’s very illuminating.

Also Happening: Bodega Bliss’s upcoming trip to Brazil sounds fab (take photos, please!)…Colours of Cattiz is beginning her funded cycle (wish her luck!)…Bloodsigns wrote something worthy of The New Yorker (no surprise, if you’ve read her before)…Julie scared the crap out of everyone with her round-up of disturbing illustrations in books for children…A bunch of important bloggers went to a conference in New Orleans that sounded totally awesome (I was jealous)…NIAW is coming up. What are you going to do (or not do) about it?…On a somber note, Project Baby is having a very difficult time, please send hugs her way.

RIP, Mr. Caen. You are missed.


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10 responses to “What’s Happening, Now: The Herb Caen Edition

  1. chhandita

    You met Esperanza, how cool is that! I wish I lived in the states. Would have loved to meet you folks.

  2. I’m with chhandita … I want a playdate, too! And Disneyland … with parents … enjoy?! 😉 (My commenting is fixed now, please come back … and you’re going to be famous! My post that mentions YOUR posts is going to be featured in … well … it’s a secret. *grin*)

    • Ooh! I’m dying to know what’s up!!! You’re on the East Coast, right? Maybe there is a BlogHer convention or something that we can all meet at…

      You have me super curious 😉

  3. great scot woman… disney land? with the whole misphucha? ( I’m allowed to misspell it only being remotely Jewish..i too eat bagels). at the best western? do you hate you?! 😉
    Well, if you need a break, I’ll take you somewhere to lunch/cocktails Seriously, let me know if you’re brave enough for an OC moment with a crazy middle aged woman.

  4. I loved this style! I’m not familiar with him, but I love the Jjiraffe style!

    And, um, yeah, wanna go to Brazil with me instead? That doesn’t sound like too much fun (sorry). But at least it’s Disneyland! You can totally escape there, for sure!

    So does this mean it’s time for a Jjiraffe-Esperanza-Bodega meet-up? I think it is!

  5. Wordgirl

    You all are so making me wish I lived in the bay area… *sigh*

    And I hardly know what to say about the kind words about my blog — I’m so so heartened by the kindness — I had one of those “does this just go out into the ether” kind of weeks —

    I’m terrible at reading since Z’s arrival (16 months now!! why can’t I get into a routine???!) but keep trying to get back into a rhythm of visiting other blogs — yours high on my list.



    • Thanks for visiting my humble blog 🙂 My brother is getting his MFA in Texas in creative writing, so I understand the difficulty in getting published and then the issue of getting sucked into teaching, which he’s dealing with.

      I think your blog is worthy of the Babble Top 50 list. If I had any power, I’d vote you on there. Seems like from there, publishing opportunities arise. It’s weird how authors are coming from blogging worlds now and not the insular NYC academia/Greenwich village thing. Or at least that’s what my brother says.

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