PETA, We’re Dunzo

Ah, PETA.  Over the years I’ve shaken my head at your antics, but mostly in an indulgent fashion.

You see, I come from a long lineage of animal rights proponents.  My mom worked at the local SPCA for ten years.  As I child, I “starred” in a PSA about the importance of adopting pets to the right owners.  (My co-star, a gorgeous Golden Retriever, stole the show.  My tears were supremely upstaged by the noble expression he wore as he realized we were to be separated forever, by “my dad”.)  I don’t wear fur.  I volunteered at an animal shelter for years, scooping poop, cleaning guinea pig cages, shoveling horse stables, socializing the delightful animals who were there, trying to get my parents to adopt each and every one of them and doing outreach to local schools about the dangers of pet overpopulation.  It goes without saying that every dog or cat I’ve ever been a guardian of has been spayed or neutered.

That’s why I think I can say, with some authority, the following:  your latest campaign, in which you volunteer to give a human male “a free vasectomy ” is a pile of horse, guinea pig and dog poop, all combined.

First of all, it comes at a supremely bad time:  your campaign was launched during National Infertility Awareness Week.  ON PURPOSE.   You draw attention to the event in order to denigrate it.  To poop on it.

Finally, we have a chance to educate the public about how awful it is to suffer from infertility. (You probably don’t know, or care, that research shows that those who suffer from infertility have anxiety and depression rates equal to those with cancer and HIV.)  And in the midst of that, you pull this.

Second, as Keiko Zoll pointed out so eloquently:

PETA has decided that it’s acceptable to ridicule, devalue, and trivialize the infertility patient community experience in the name of promoting responsible pet-ownership.

Shame on you, PETA.  You’ve alienated and saddened this infertile more than you could ever know.

For more, read this incredibly powerful letter from Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed.



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9 responses to “PETA, We’re Dunzo

  1. Yikes. They’ve reached a new level of stupidity. Thanks for the link to Keiko’s post … somehow I missed it! Off to act now …

  2. Lut C.

    Of course, overpopulation is the fault of infertiles. The ones lucky enough to have treatment work, that is.

    How many babies have been born thanks to IVF since it was invented 30 years ago? I forgot the number, but I can tell you it’s a drop in the ocean in comparison to the number of babies born the old-fashioned way in that same time span.

  3. Rebecca

    Infertility is a terrible disease. There are days that I just want to throw in the towel and drop off this chemically induced hormonal roller coaster. But, I keep trying cycle after cycle.

    I love animals and it really stinks that PETA would do this to devalue our cause. I feel so used. I feel like I need to take a shower to wipe their dirty paw prints off my back.

  4. Well put. This really is a new low for PETA.

  5. PETA’s persistent misogyny has been reason enough to hate them for years now, imho.

  6. Ugh, amazing that they haven’t realized this themselves before putting it out there through this campaign. Not a smart move at all.

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