Welcome ICLWers!

Welcome everyone from ICLW!

ICLW is hosted by Mel at Stirrup Queens, and it’s a meet and greet of sorts for bloggers who write about all kinds of things, although the larger focus is on infertility.

I love ICLW.  It’s like a schmoozefest at a really comfortable lounge where everyone is nice, kind and friendly.  In my mind, mini-donuts and salmon puffs would be served, organic cream sodas would flow and everyone would be dressed to the nines.  (In reality, I’m sitting at my computer while The Princess and The Frog plays in the background, and I am wearing Uggs and jeans.  Same difference.)

The focus of my blog is trying to live every day this year joyfully.  For my kids, for my family and for myself.  Read more here.

So please pull up your most comfortable velvet chaise lounge, dig into the donuts and puffs, and stay a while!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, too 😉

That photo is from my overachieving MIL’s garden.  She makes Martha Stewart look lazy.



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3 responses to “Welcome ICLWers!

  1. Aubre

    I’d like to think that wearing Uggs qualifies as dressed to the nines. In fact, I like your whole idea as to what ICLW would be like in person. Love the idea of living this year joyfully, too. Beautiful flowers!

    ICLW 149

  2. I looooooove cream sodas. I think we have our new plan for a meet-up. Uggs or not!

  3. Funny, I also have a MIL who goes to town on her gardens. Literally, two. One in Connecticut and one in France. I wish I had nothing to do but garden. Although if I had nothing to do the last thing I would do is garden. And so on…

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