The Good Day

Do you ever have a day where everything just comes together and you are happy?  I realize that I haven’t had a good day in AGES!  I have been trying to talk myself into being joyful for many months, working so hard to conjure happiness potions and self-help advice, with varying levels of success.  Then, bam, out of nowhere this hallelujah day appeared.

It started with an unexpectedly sunny morning, full of cherry trees blossoming, but I’ve seen that before.   I was dreading a volunteer project at the school, but all of the moms were lovely and not at all clique-y.   The event we planned was actually fun and entertaining for the kids, so we weren’t dealing with various meltdowns that keep us away from socializing with the group.

Then, my friend told me she would watch the kids for me so I could attend a family event at an actual restaurant tomorrow. I was going to have to skip it because we have no childcare. Babysitters come, then go, rather like the nannies in “Mary Poppins”. No one seems to be able to manage the mischief.

So now I get to go to a fancy restaurant, and not pay for the meal or a babysitter. It’s like I’ve won to lottery.

If I can draw a lesson from the good day, it’s that when friends are supportive, I feel less isolated and alone, and that seems to boost my confidence and capacity for joy.

Are good days a freakish confluence of lucky events that align, or do we play a greater role by laying the groundwork for the good days to appear?



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6 responses to “The Good Day

  1. I think it’s some of both … either way, enjoy!!!

  2. I don’t know if good days are just luck, or if we help create them, but I’m really glad you had one! 🙂

  3. chhandita

    I was waiting for an update about your night out with friends. So glad you had fun. Happiness is a state of mind they say. Guess you were ready to be happy 🙂

  4. Esperanza

    I think there is only so much that we can muster ourselves to make a good day. I mean, obviously we can choose how we view things, but I feel like can help a shitty day seem not so shitty. I don’t think it can make a great day out of nothing. Great days do need to come together, and all we can attempt to do is be ready for them with an open heart, prepared to notice their awesomeness and revel in it. I’m SO glad you had a great day! Yay!

  5. That’s a very good question, and the pessimist part of me (which seems to be the louder part of me these days) says it was just the alignment of lucky events. But I believe in laying the groundwork, 100%. It’s just so hard to do sometimes.

    I’m so glad you had a great day! You deserve it. 🙂 And today we get to enjoy this amazing storm that we’re in right now! I’m loving it.

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