Now Blathering on Twitter As Well

Quick note: I’m looking for Kami, who entered my giveaway.  Kami, if you’re reading this, can you please comment below and let me know your email address?  You won something!  Thanks.

After resisting a long time, I have finally joined the Twitterverse.  For two important reasons.

1) I think Twitter is becoming a main way we communicate both as a society and interpersonally.  I  just read Darcy’s twitter feed for the first time today, and most of what he was referring to was new information to me.  I guess he saw Keith Olbermann speak at a conference?

2) I love the Fail Whale.

Tweeting is kind of a stiff learning curve, if you’re old like me.  You can’t go back and edit, and I learned that the hard way because there’s a big typo in my very first tweet.  So, we’ll see how it goes…

But I have my very own follower!  Who I think is a spambot, but still.  He’s following me.  MEEE!!

So, um, please feel free to follow me as well.  And please let me know if you want me to follow you 🙂


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8 responses to “Now Blathering on Twitter As Well

  1. Esperanza

    What your handle? I definitely want to follow you! Mine is @StumblingGrace! See you on the Tweetside.

  2. It’s 2manyfish2fry 😉 I THINK I’m following you! I signed up to be a follower 🙂

  3. Amy

    The Fail Whale is my fave! I know that it’s bad when we see him, but I just like him so much!

  4. Amy

    Oh, dear, I will help you with Twitter…just follow me @amysondova and we’ll get this all figured out. I think you should totally put the FAIL WHALE in your sidebar to get people to connect with you on Twitter. That would be brilliant!

  5. chhandita

    I think i created a twitter account long ago. let me dig it out and then I will follow u 🙂

  6. chhandita

    Hmm am trying to find on twitter but bad at this.

  7. oh the shame… i have two twitter accounts but have never used them. This may be the tipping point that drags me into the next millennium , and what in the heck is fail whale? Thank goodness google exists. In fact, it may have been invented to minimize the shame. And now, I’m off to find a whale so I can show my face on the internet.

    • Hee! The Fail Whale picture goes up when Twitter goes down. I just love that they feature an image so beautiful to symbolize a lack of success. It’s unusual in this day and age…

      Hope to see you tweeting 🙂

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