Tsunami Warning

Fox News is reporting that a massive 8.9 earthquake in Japan could send a Tsunami to the West Coast of the US in about 8-9 hours.


Anyone on lower ground, please take precautions.

Also, this Tsunami looks incredibly devastating to Japan and other areas.

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone in the path of this awful disaster.



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3 responses to “Tsunami Warning

  1. chhandita

    I just came online to get more information on the tsunami. looks bad

  2. chhandita

    Looks really bad! came online to get more info on this.

  3. Geochick

    As one of my co-workers stated this morning, “The last place we need more performance data from is Japan”. Unfortunately for those of us in the profession it takes disasters for us to learn whether our assumptions about how dams behave in large earthquakes are correct.

    I’m currently working on a dam that’s literally on the ocean in Oregon. It’s a small one, and apparently the bay tends to amplify tsunamis. I’m watching with baited breath.

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