20 Year High School Reunion: Not Mine

Darcy’s reunion…is coming up. Time for me to feel like a moron. Why?

Well, Darcy went to a fancy private school. Alumnae include the CEO of a wildly profitable and loved company (you’d gasp if I told you), the wife of a billionaire, a sexy media personality and a woman who dated George Clooney. (The most successful of them all, if you ask me!)

I’m not looking forward to this event. I hate these kinds of gatherings. I’ve been to a few, and I always feel so awkward. Whilst glamorous people mill about and discuss their chalets in Aspen, their upcoming summer trips to the Cape, and weigh approximately 8o pounds wet, I can talk about…my infertility, my adventures in potty training (not a success, either!), the fact that my hair hasn’t been highlighted in a while (But it’s Ombre! Ombre’s trending!), and what else?

Darcy’s working for a cool company, so he’s got that going for him.

Maybe I can meditate beforehand and impress everyone with my supreme sense of calm and zen. Or maybe I can take a Valium.

The last hoity toity event. I think you can see in my eyes my deep desire to go back to our hotel room, eat the Brazil nuts and watch “The Wedding Crashers”.



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2 responses to “20 Year High School Reunion: Not Mine

  1. I’ll let you in on a little secret, more often than not, the more gucci a girls got on , the less she feels okay in her own skin, and if you weigh 80lbs wet, pretty much all you’ve got is skin.
    My husband had the same sort of prep-school/ivy league history and I’m telling you, the best weapon you have is not giving a damn and laughter. Valium is good, but spending some time reminding yourself how amazing you are and what you’re doing with these two little human beings is better. Make a list of the things you’d love about yourself if you knew them in the form of another person and remind yourself of them when you forget. It doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that these darlings of the shiney life have the same reaction to beans that everyone else does 😉

  2. Thanks, Tracy. This made my my day. Hee, beans are the magical fruit 🙂

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