Day 50: End of the Stoic Month

Weeellll. It’s been quite the month. I tried on the Stoics for philosophy size this month in my quest to live more joyfully.

It ended badly.

I have learned that while the stoic sensibility might work for some (most likely men and pioneer folk), it’s probably not a good fit for me. I prefer a more nurturing yet honest sensibility. I was in a tough place and learned that asking for help (from Whoever) got me through.

But most of all, my awesome readers, I have learned from you. Thanks for your fascinating, thought-provoking comments this month.

In the month of March I would like to practice meditation and mindful thinking. If anyone has any books they recommend, I would love to hear from you.



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2 responses to “Day 50: End of the Stoic Month

  1. I’ve heard that this is good: … let me know if you pick it up! He seems like a very down to earth person, despite somewhat “lofty” ideas. ūüôā

  2. I’m very much into meditation and am at the moment exploring Buddhism and their philosophy. But meditation for me doesn’t have to be sitting absolutely still and focus. It can be a slow walk in the woods, going to a yoga class or read poetry. Maybe that’s more leaning towards mindfulness and awareness in the moment.

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