Bad words, bad words!!

Have I ever sworn on my blog before? I don’t think I have. I’m afraid my mother will find out.

Sorry, I’m going to have to break that rule this one time.


I have whopping cough. Which means me and the kids are in total isolation for at least 5 days. Thankfully, the kids are fully vaccinated against it, so they won’t get it. Which is all I really care about.

But I feel like shite. I haven’t felt this ill in ages. I think I felt better when I had pneumonia.

No one can come near us unless they’ve had the adult vaccination. Which I am painfully learning, almost no one has had.

I mean, really. Fucking whooping cough. Really?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry mom.



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13 responses to “Bad words, bad words!!

  1. Holy crap, girl!
    I thought my dr. was full of it when he insisted I get my immunizations updated before I got on a plane.
    I’m sorry you have to go through this horrible nightmare, but I had no idea people even GOT whooping cough any more..

  2. Amy

    Omg! Awful! My understanding is that the whooping cough vaccine is part of the tetanus shot, so if someone’s gotten a tetanus shot in the last 10 years they’re vaccinated. Of course I’ve heard that even vaccinated people are catching it…yikes! So sorry!

    Also, re: the F word: my day was so horrible that I posted tupac’s “fuck all y’all” video on my fb wall today. Pretty sure my grandma’s gonna unfriend me…

    • Thanks for making me feel better about dropping the F bomb. Sometimes, it’s the only word that suits the occasion. Love that you posted that song on FB!! That’s punk rock 😉

  3. Holy fuck, that sucks! (Sorry, I thought I could too 🙂 )

  4. Shit. That sucks ass. (Just doing my part!)

    I have gotten vaccinated – I was offered the option of getting it as part of my tetanus shot last year, but not all tetanus shots include it. But it is definitely on the rise again – which means that ANYONE who is trying to conceive or has young children should be sure they get it, and make sure the grandparents have it, too!

  5. That really sucks.

    About all the immunization stuff–I’m actually allergic to the whooping cough vaccine. So I’ll just have to take my chances and pray.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. Swear all you like if it makes you feel any better. (((Hugs)))

  6. Oh shit. That blows! I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t know people still got whooping cough. How long does it take for it to go away? Are you no longer contagious after five days?

    You want me to come not this weekend but the next to help you out with stuff? Just let me know.

    • Not this Sunday but next Sunday would be great, if you could make it! I should not be contagious by then. Thanks so much offer 🙂 Plus it would be great to meet!!

  7. Oh no! I’m so sorry! Ugh. I hope you get better soon! 😦 If only I’d had the vaccine, I’d come and keep you company!

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