Day 45: Digging in, Seeking Fortitude

It’s too bad I broke up with the stoics: I need some real, inner strength and am unsure where to get it. My husband will be traveling for the next three weeks, and I will be on my own completely with the twins. The family that lives nearby doesn’t do childcare on demand. (It’s a complex affair that demands planning weeks in advance, their dance cards are very full.) Now, on the eve of Darcy’s departure, I have fallen ill with something I fear is bronchitis. I have hypochondical tendencies, so hopefully it’s not, but on the other hand, I get bronchitis a lot. Last year, I had it five times.

I’m freaked, I don’t mind telling you. I wish I had one of those strong, iron, peasant constitutions like Ma Ingalls, who could endure starvation, hours and hours of manual labor and general hardship. Instead, I was built with the constitution of one of those stupid Victorian ladies, always ill, always needing to return to the fainting couch. It. Sucks.

I’m thinking about dipping into our meager savings and flying my mom out here. But it’s time to pull on my special super strong big girl pants, suck it up, and be strong.

It’s time to be stoical, I daresay?


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3 responses to “Day 45: Digging in, Seeking Fortitude

  1. Esperanza

    Oh no! That sounds really, really hard. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Maybe we can spend a weekend day together? Or I could come over on the weekend and watch the kiddies while you get some stuff done. Sorry I can’t do much on the weekdays. I can’t even call in sick as I used up all my days off during my family leave this year. Still, let me know if I can help on Saturday or Sunday!

  2. Now, I’m not laughing AT you, I’m laughing with you, but I’m still laughing, and all kidding aside, if you lived in Orange County, California, I would help in a totally non-stalker sort of way.
    As it stand, it’s time to get the bag of toys, the seriously unhealthy treats that require no cooking or prepping on your part ( a jar of p.b. and a bag of crackers? ), the dvds and put everyone in the big middle of the bed with the bedroom door shut. a few days of being a recluse won’t hurt anyone…

  3. I would feel a bit nervous being on my own for three weeks too. Hang in there and I hope you get some help from unexpected corners.

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