Day 31: Buh-Bye January!

And DO let the door hit you on your cold, grumpy, miserable, gray, rainy, grouchy, crotchety behind on your way out. I still hate January, even when I try to live joyfully. Isn’t it odd that someone would name their daughter after the worst month of the year? Although January Jones is a pretty-sounding name. She’s so darn gorgeous that she could be named Stalin McPol Pot and no one would care.

This month I did complete my goal of becoming an Iron Commenter for ICLW. (Actually, Melissa let me go on a technicality: I haven’t been able to figure out how to post on a few due to weird Blogger compatibility problems. If I left you out, it’s Blogger’s fault 😉 and I’m going to find a way to post on you somehow.)  I don’t think the most hardened “just adopt, everything happens for a reason, just relax, it could be worse, why is this making you so depressed” family member or friend or, ahem, New York Times commenter, could POSSIBLY read through the 213 heart-breaking, eye-opening, sad, hopeful, brave January ICLW blogs and not change their minds about how incredibly devastating infertility is. In fact, Fanbloomingtastic has a fascinating post about how she stumbled upon ICLW and how she has been educated by the experience.

I wish EVERYONE could be educated by this project. Does anyone have any ideas on how to take ICLW’s impact seriously viral? Keiko’s awesome video is a good start…








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5 responses to “Day 31: Buh-Bye January!

  1. Esperanza

    Hey there. Thanks for subscribing to my blog! So nice to know people are reading. And congrats on achieving Iron Commenter status! That is awesome. I have yet to do it. What I AM doing is commenting on every single Creme de la Creme post in 100 days. It’s really intense. I cry almost every time I sit down to read and comment. Today I cried buckets. Sometimes I’m not sure I can get through them all, it’s just too heartbreaking. And it inspires all this anxiety in me about my own family building experiences and what it will take to complete my family. You’re right, infertility and pregnancy/baby loss is an insanely vicious foe. I am forever humbled by the pain and suffering it wreaks. I am also inspired by the women who carry on in it’s wake. They are truly awe inspiring.

    Hey, are you in the Bay Area? WordPress hinted that you might be. I’m in San Francisco, perhaps we’re not far from each other…

    Thanks again for reading!

    • OMG, I think what you are doing is much harder! The Creme de la Creme posts are SO SAD. Kudos to you…that is seriously amazing to even attempt.

      I do live in the Bay Area (up North in the land of hot tubs and mountain bikes 😉 ). You live in the city? That’s so cool! We should meet up 🙂

  2. Congrats on achieving Iron Commenter!

  3. Hey! I’m in the Bay Area, too! (Actually, I’m North as well…but I’m guessing you know that since I’m open about it) And I’m totally going to invite myself along to your meet up if it happens. 🙂

    I wanted to comment on the ICLW thing. This was my first month doing it (super congratulations on Iron Commenting by the way! I’m tired just reading about Iron Commenting!) and I have to say that I loved the camaraderie that I felt “meeting” all the women with similar stories. Even though at times I felt fear building up of what else could go wrong, I’m so happy I did it and am already signed up to do it again.

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