Day 27: Does Adopting the Status Anxiety Philosophies Help?

Back to Living Joyfully…

This month I decided to try to adopt the philosophy of Alain de Botton to try to live more happily. In a nutshell, this means trying to let go of keeping up with the materialism of the Jones and living a life where you are more appreciative of what you have.

I guess I’m kind of shallow, because I have to admit this has been really, really hard. It’s not that I have a need to consume, per say (although I wouldn’t say no to a trip to Anthropologie right now). But I’m having massive issues with eating.

My brother told me a story today. He and his wife are on a frugal kick right now as well. He was at school today and my SIL called and asked if he wanted to go get lunch with her. He said yes, of course. When she picked him up he asked where she wanted to go out to eat. “Home!” she said and neatly turned the car in the direction of their condo. My brother said his heart sank.

I laughed in appreciation. I’ve detailed my own love of eating in restaurants. This month, although we were supposed to eat out exactly zero times, we ate out twice. Those meals were the highlight of January, so far! I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter if it’s Chez Panisse or IHOP. I just like the experience of making a choice of what I want to eat, having someone bring it to me and not having to clean the mess. I also think it’s better for us as a family. Dinner is so hectic at home, the kids have a million requests and it’s just not very enjoyable any of us.

So I’ve learned that eating out is important.

Part two: what I did like about “Status Anxiety” – tomorrow



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5 responses to “Day 27: Does Adopting the Status Anxiety Philosophies Help?

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    I too love eating out–having a choice of food, having someone else prepare it, having it brought to us at the table, all pretty, having someone refill my water glass and clean up when we’re done…so nice!

    When I eat out, I make it a point to never eat something I would make at home. That helps me feel less guilty. 🙂

  2. It is fun to eat out. We are a very “frugal” couple as well. But, we find that we eat out too much as well. I look forward to reading more posts! Happy ICLW!

  3. chhandita

    We are eating out today…yayyyy!!! I have very few needs and really am very low maintenance, but I LOVE TO EAT OUT! Earlier it was once a week, now its twice a waiting for the good days to come back.

    PS: I may write a rant post and send it. You don’t need to post it, but writing it all out may help to process it all.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I LOVE that your motto for 2011 is joy… it’s so appropriate. I feel like so many people had less-than-good 2010s, and 2011 is bound to be better… more joyful 🙂

    I love eating out, but we have also been pushing ourselves to cook at home more. It’s so hard… eating out is so dang convenient!

  5. You made me feel like some IHOP pancakes right now!

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